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Full Accreditation Awarded to Your Institution

IAO's Full Accreditation Awarded to Your Institution

Your Institution has been granted the unique points profile given above. You may click on each metric to view its details.

IAO Points Profile Granted to Your Institution

IAO's Points Profile System is developed on the bench mark standards in education's best practices and consists of 18 organizational management metrics, 6 academic management metrics and 3 institute performance metrics. It provides a score of all quantitative measures of the institute that are deemed fit towards the standards.

  • Green Indicates the institution does not have this subjective factor
  • Blue Indicating the institution has this subjective factor but it does not address com plete dimension's criteria.
  • redIndicating the subjective factors in this section are fully met and explicitly address students needs.

Your Institution in Pictures

IAO Visit pictures taken at the time of the physical visit of the institution by a respective chapter member.

This picture gallery is a vibrant cultural hub hosting some of the institute's best services alongside its state of the art facitlities that set it at par with the international education standards.


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