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Accreditation for Institutes

If you are a vocational, traditional, professional training institution or a distance learning Career College, you can take advantage of institute accreditation by IAO. Getting IAO accreditation is proof of your institute's commitment to providing a quality education which is recognized all over the world.

No one can deny the importance of accreditation in today’s world where many unrecognized and mediocre institutes have sprung up, providing a subpar education to unsuspecting students around the globe. Both employers and students prefer accredited universities as they have international recognition and also offer an education which is on par with global standards. They also provide students an enabling, interactive environment and other ample facilities which enhance their learning experience and intellectual capacity.

In keeping with its mission of improving and enhancing educational standards, the IAO grants international accreditation to higher educational universities and colleges committed to providing students with a world-class education. The accrediting agency not only accredits a institute following a thorough assessment of the latter’s unique and patented points profile system, but also ensures that the accredited institute undergoes a continuous improvement process to develop modern curricula, tailored to the students’ specific requirements.

Why Choose IAO Accreditation?

We are the choice of 1500+ accredited institutes worldwide. Some benefits you get include:

What you get upon Accreditation?

IAO provides numerous tools for your institutional development and growth. Once you become an
IAO Accredited Member you will receive:

Certificate Seal Point Profile Web Page
Full Accreditation Certificate 

The certificate will be your proof of attaining IAO's accreditation. You can promote IAO's accreditation using this certificate on different promotional forums.

Full Accreditation Seal 

Once your institute is fully accredited you will receive an IAO accreditation seal which you can use on your website, official documents and marketing collaterals.

Points Profile Score 

As a fully accredited institute, you will be awarded with IAO's unique and patented Points Profile Score which will ensure that your educational programs are on a par with global standards. A testament to your institute’s educational quality, IAO's Points Profile Score helps you to get a competitive edge over all regional and international universities.

Dedicated Web Page 

IAO website gets around 1000 students and parents visiting daily in search for the right educational institute. You can use your dedicated webpage to display important information about your institute such as the programs offered, faculty, extra-curricular activities and student facilities.

Accreditation Process

  • 1st step:

    Signup and fill our detailed accreditation form. Also, submit relevant documents

  • 2nd step:

    Gain candidacy status after a premlinary evaluation of your application

  • 3rd step:

    Our evaluation committe pays your institute a visit for final assesment

  • 4th step:
    Full Accreditation

    Gain Full Accreditation and get acess to your points profile score, dedicated webpage and much more !

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