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IAO fosters its pipeline of future leaders with a wide network of certified professionals and members, serving the academic community across the globe. If you plan to work at a leading quality assurance agency with global presence, IAO offers you to grow your career with continuous improvement keeping in mind the cultural diversity along with unique training and development programs for global career advancements.

Benefits Of Advancing Your Career With IAO

  • Grow With The Best
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Training and Development

With over 46,000 employees in 180 countries worldwide, we are proud to say that our employees are the reason for the success of IAO. Their skills and dedication make us an industry leader. The diversity of perceptions, qualifications and talent are the key to our ongoing accomplishments.

  • Extraordinary

    At IAO, we not only provide a job or career but a very comfortable and exciting lifestyle. The benefits we offer are in a class of their own and of the highest quality in terms of service standards and equipment.

  • Exuberant

    IAO offers benefits designed to keep its employees healthy, financially secure as well as rested and motivated. We provide competitive salary, medical coverage and a very flexible leave policy (for in-house employees).

  • Fast Paced
    Career Growth

    IAO provides every opportunity to help its employees in their growth. We tend to provide an environment that appreciates learning and development which is further supported by outstanding training and development facilities.

  • Competitive Salary Package

    IAO offers its employees a market competitive salary package. Our employees also have an opportunity to earn bonuses or incentives to enhance their income (depending on their JD).

  • Excellent Training Facilities

    At IAO, employees are provided a number of chances to develop their skills and grow. The corporate learning environment is supported by outstanding training and development programs provided to them from time to time.

The success of diversity at IAO is a proof of phenomenal leadership and the excellent blend of experience and skills of every individual. By inviting individuals from different countries and demographics, IAO tends to blend ideas together and create a stronger agency which is able to polish any educational institution in any part of the world.

  • Matual Request Mutual Respect

    At IAO, we tend to provide our employees with an environment that fosters mutual respect at every level.

  • Business Reputation

    The cultural diversity among the employees of IAO have helped in building its reputation at a global scale and providing greater, better job opportunities for the employees.

  • Increased Exposure

    IAO believes in equal opportunity for all regardless of their cultural diversification. Therefore job promotions follow the same regime and are on merit.

  • Conflict Resolution

    With a noble cause of improving educational standards all over the world, IAO ensures best possible strategies and policies for conflict resolution.

IAO has a knowledge sharing portal where all the employees can share education related developments and have discussions no matter which part of the world they are in. This has helped in further improvements in the educational standards, in far flung areas.

  • Factor of Trust & Credibility

    IAO provides its employees, ample trust to keep them confident in understanding and discussing new ideas and expressing their lacking while expressing their interest in training programs.

  • Learning Opportunities

    Considering the mission, employees can refer any opportunities and if approved by the training department, the employee will be provided with the necessary funds to receive the training.

  • Creating Leaders

    Growing is an essential part of any job. IAO makes sure that the employees continue to polish their skills and get to the leadership levels. IAO has leaders in every region who deal with a team of employees in their respective department.

  • Performance Recognition

    In order to keep the employees motivated, IAO has a comprehensive performance recognition program under which outstanding employees at every level are being recognized and compensated.

  • Global Career Advancement

    IAO develops its employees and provide them with opportunities to work in the global chapters of IAO. This can provide them with opportunities of getting employed in other countries besides their home town.



Educational Institutes, Professionals and Students world over love us!

See what they have to say about us


Mkhombo, Hulwazi Secondary School

"We are very appreciative of IAO and its efforts in bringing
our institute to a global level, as soon as we receive our notarized
certificate we will present it to our ministry."


Indira Nair, PeoplePro Trainers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd

"We're an 11 year old organization, and we've been looking into every
possible aspect of bringing our institute to the international standards.
Therefore having our institute highlighted by IAO is a great accomplishment
for us."


Mr. Ranjit Director, Bhai Gurdas Group of Business School-BGIMT

"IAO is one of the best accreditation organization in the world,
it provides a number of advantages to the students for the future. In
my view, if you want to get any accreditation done GET IT DONE BY IAO."


Werner Bukes Master Retailing

“Master Retailing is very proud to be recognized and associated
with the IAO, Now we are able to vastly improve the quality of our
education and responsibility towards our students and the education
profession in general.”


Dr. R.N.Herkal Basaveshwar Engineering College (Autonomous)

"IAO's accreditation has helped our college to be globally
recognized in the field of technical education. We look forward
for international student admissions."

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