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IAO accreditation & membership providing international recognition

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IAO Certification for Teachers

If you wish to enhance your employment opportunities globally and teach at some of the world’s renowned academic institutes, then IAO’s Teacher Certification is for you!

Up to date more than 15,000 teachers worldwide have earned their jobs through IAO. If you also wish to join their league, all you need to do is apply for IAO’s teacher Certification. Being our certified teacher, we will redraft your resume and forward your profile to 100’s of recruiters including IAO’s accredited institutes. This will open doors to multiple employment opportunities for you assuring your employability.

Benefits for Teachers

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What you get upon Certification?

IAO Professional Certificate 

The IAO Professional certificate will be your proof of attaining IAO certification. You can promote IAO's certification using this certificate on different promotional forums.

IAO’s Certification Seal 

Once your get certification from IAO you will receive IAO's certification seal which you can use on your website, official documents and marketing collaterals.

Dedicated Web Page 

After receiving IAO certification, you will be given a dedicated web page. You can use your dedicated webpage to display important information related to your business.

ID Card  

Being an IAO certified professional, IAO will provide your business cards which you can exchange with other professionals in the industry. IAO business cards will enhance your credentials as it will reflect that you are a certified business professional.

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