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Dual Degree Program

IAO is a trendsetter when it comes to Internationalization in education. Committed to the promotion of education and student welfare, IAO offers a selected number of its counterparts in India a chance to participate in the Dual Degree Partnership Program. Under this program, your students will be able to earn an international degree at a 50% discount—a cost which is less than the cost of the actual degree of our partner university. For this purpose, IAO allies with some of the international universities to provide dual degree programs. Discount is available only to universities that partner with our alliances through IAO.

Why Should Institutes Opt for Dual Degree Program?

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    A 100% increase in student enrollments

    This is not just a statement; it's a fact. Our accredited members that formed alliances with our partner universities have experienced up to 100% increase in their student enrolments!

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    International degree for your students at 75% Reduced Prices

    While our alliance's tuition fee go up to $11,000 they are offered at 75% reduced prices to IAO accredited Universities.

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    Enhancement of your profile

    The profile and academic standing of your university will increase as a globally- Renowned name is associated with it. Your university will be further highlighted when your students start getting jobs with the world's leading organizations.

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    The more enrollments you bring to the partner university, the more you earn!

    On every student you enroll at the partner university, you earn a 20% commission. You can either keep the commission or offer further discount to your student on partner university programs

Why Should Schools Opt for Dual Degree Program

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    Greater acceptance among employers worldwide

    An international degree will give your students a leading edge over others, enabling them to land rewarding jobs with the world's top organizations.

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    Cost advantage

    The best thing about the Dual Degree Program is that your students would earn an international degree without spending money on traveling, accommodation or anything else associated with studying abroad.

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    One program, two degrees!

    For your students, it is a dream come true. They will be studying at your campus but will end up earning a degree both from your university and the partner university by paying a nominal additional fee. On every student you enroll at the partner university, you earn a 20% commission. You can either keep the commission or offer further discount to your student on partner university programs.

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Mkhombo, Hulwazi Secondary School

"We are very appreciative of IAO and its efforts in bringing
our institute to a global level, as soon as we receive our notarized
certificate we will present it to our ministry."


Indira Nair, PeoplePro Trainers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd

"We're an 11 year old organization, and we've been looking into every
possible aspect of bringing our institute to the international standards.
Therefore having our institute highlighted by IAO is a great accomplishment
for us."


Mr. Ranjit Director, Bhai Gurdas Group of Business School-BGIMT

"IAO is one of the best accreditation organization in the world,
it provides a number of advantages to the students for the future. In
my view, if you want to get any accreditation done GET IT DONE BY IAO."


Werner Bukes Master Retailing

“Master Retailing is very proud to be recognized and associated
with the IAO, Now we are able to vastly improve the quality of our
education and responsibility towards our students and the education
profession in general.”


Dr. R.N.Herkal Basaveshwar Engineering College (Autonomous)

"IAO's accreditation has helped our college to be globally
recognized in the field of technical education. We look forward
for international student admissions."

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