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Equalization Partnership Program

With a growing need for US, UK or European- based approved education worldwide, IAO, on a daily basis gets hundreds of inquiries from students for getting their degrees equalized by an international University. To facilitate such students, IAO has introduced an "Equalization Partnership Program".

Under this program, a few selected Universities are given a chance to equalize the degrees of students belonging to our accredited universities. This would result in increased student enrolments and revenues for the University and for the student it would mean getting a degree that is accepted in their country and worldwide. At the moment, IAO has a vast network of 1000+ accredited universities worldwide.

Once in partnership with us, interested students from all our accredited universities will be forwarded to you for equivalency purposes. Additionally, IAO would also be facilitating students wishing to pursue their higher education on your campus.

Why Should You Opt for Equalization Partnership Program

Process of Equalization Partnership Program

  • Step 1:

    Sign the partnership contract with IAO.

  • Step 2:

    Provide your detailed pre-requisites for programs you are offering.

  • Step 3:

    Your online account area will be set up.

  • Step 4:

    Students from our accredited universities fulfilling your requirements will be forwarded to you for equivalency by IAO.

  • Step 5:

    Your university will complete its due evaluation process and grant equivalent degree/diploma to the student.

  • Step 6:

    Degree documents will be shipped directly to the student or IAO office.

  • Step 7:

    IAO will deposit fee for each student upon approval.

Interested in participating in IAO Equalization Partnership Program?
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Mkhombo, Hulwazi Secondary School

"We are very appreciative of IAO and its efforts in bringing
our institute to a global level, as soon as we receive our notarized
certificate we will present it to our ministry."


Indira Nair, PeoplePro Trainers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd

"We're an 11 year old organization, and we've been looking into every
possible aspect of bringing our institute to the international standards.
Therefore having our institute highlighted by IAO is a great accomplishment
for us."


Mr. Ranjit Director, Bhai Gurdas Group of Business School-BGIMT

"IAO is one of the best accreditation organization in the world,
it provides a number of advantages to the students for the future. In
my view, if you want to get any accreditation done GET IT DONE BY IAO."


Werner Bukes Master Retailing

“Master Retailing is very proud to be recognized and associated
with the IAO, Now we are able to vastly improve the quality of our
education and responsibility towards our students and the education
profession in general.”


Dr. R.N.Herkal Basaveshwar Engineering College (Autonomous)

"IAO's accreditation has helped our college to be globally
recognized in the field of technical education. We look forward
for international student admissions."

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