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Dr. Ibrahim A. Al-Mohaissin

Dr. Ibrahim A. Al-Mohaissin has obtained his Ph.D. in Computer & Teaching Sciences from Hull University, UK and MA in Methods of Teaching Physics from King Abdulaziz University, KSA. He is a Member of numerous national and international academic associations, such as AACE, NARST, Justin and etc. Furthermore, he participated in more than 25 conferences worldwide, with distinguished papers on the usage of computer in Teaching, E- Learning and Methods of Sciences and supervised more than 25 Ph.D. and MA thesis & dissertations.


  • Ph.D. in Computer in Teaching Sciences (Honors)
    Hull University, UK (1993)
  • MA in Methods of Teaching Physics (Honors)
    King Abdulaziz University, KSA (1989)
  • High Diploma of Education,
    King Abdulaziz University , KSA (1987)

Career Summary

  • Vice-president for branches
    Taibah University (2009-2011)
  • Vice-president for girls' colleges
    Taibah University (2007-2009)
  • Full Professor, King Abdulaziz University & Taibah University, KSA


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