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Preliminary Accreditation Evaluation for Leading Schools Worldwide by IAO

IAO has conducted preliminary accreditation evaluations of a selected number of Schools in each country and region. These evaluations have been conducted to review the School's eligibility for IAO's candidacy. The eligible universities can easily proceed towards gaining IAO's Full Accreditation and complete the process in as less as 30 days. IAO's accreditation will enhance your School's profile both regionally and internationally.

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International Accreditation rationalizes the emergence of quality enforcement, which, taken as a symbolic and powerful indicator, is used to prove the potential of local institutions in a globally competitive education market. International accreditation, in recent years, has become a distinct trend, both with accrediting bodies and academic institutions, yet is the growth of an international scheme for national quality assurance probable with regard to schools. IAO accredits K-12 schools all over the world to assure parents that they have chosen the right place to complete their children's learning & development needs in their preliminary years and as they slowly get nearer to graduating from school.

Accreditation of international level influences more and more parents to opt for your school, with the assurance that they are rightfully investing in their children's academic welfare and future. Schools that demonstrate dedication towards quality education of international level and provide modern learning facilities to students are deserving of international accreditation.

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Find your School's eligibility for candidacy by browsing through the regional listings given below:


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