IAO Accreditation Process

IAO is a leading accreditation agency that grants accreditation to educational institutions all over the world, based on their high educational standards and other key student-driven facilities. The agency accredits institutions based on a highly effective evaluation system known as Points Profile Score.

IAO accreditation process is very simple, which is described below.

Signup & register

First, the applicant institute has to fill in a simple form and register for the accreditation grant.


Then, the applicant institute has to fill out its accreditation application online, offline or through a consultant; this whole takes as many as 2-3 days.

Documents Submission

Afterwards, the institute has to supply certain documents related to organizational management, financial resources and management, and administrative resources and management, in order to verify the information submitted in the application; this takes 1-2 days only.


In one day, the institute gets the candidacy status which makes it eligible for full accreditation. In this step the institute receives points profile score, a letter and IAO’s website listings.


In the fifth step, which is very important, IAO commission members visit the institute to validate the information and documents it submitted.

Full Accreditation

After the visit, the institute becomes eligible for full accreditation along with final points profile score, certificate, seal and more benefits. AO's accreditation enhances your university's profile on an international level, which ensures that the educational programs the institute offers are recognized and accepted throughout the world. Upon receiving IAO's accreditation, the institute will be able to enjoy record student enrollments, and the degrees it offers will be accepted by leading national and multinational organizations the world over. In addition, the IAO’s full accreditation will also allow the institute to promote itself at IAO's educational events and seminars by participating in them. What’s more, IAO will also regularly send its publications to the institute to keep it updated on educational practices it can adopt to improve its educational standards. Besides, IAO's accreditation also provides the institute’s staff and faculty an opportunity to develop themselves professionally by participating in IAO's conferences and seminars.

Once the accreditation process is complete, the IAO consultants constantly work to improve the institute’s points profile score by offering a few recommendations.

Comparison with DETC

On the contrary, DETC accreditation process is very complex consisting of 8 long steps. First, the institution gets the DETC accreditation handbook, reviews application, and enrolls and starts writing self-evaluation report (SER). Afterward, the CEO/President would review the application for accreditation to make sure s/he understands how the accreditation process should be completed. Another step is to submit the application and other required information, with the institution seeking online accreditation submitting application with the application fee. Afterward, initial applicants undergo readiness assessment, which implies that the institution would submit two copies of the draft of its SER within 60 days of the date of application. The object of the report is to clearly highlight its educational standards as well as other facilities it offers its students. The report also contains strengths and weaknesses of the institution, and lists committee findings and recommendations on how the institution could improve its facilities and focus on training its faculty on international standards. DETC then sends its detailed report to the institution for its comment. Once this all is done, the DETR commission decides whether or not the institution should be granted accreditation. If the accreditation is denied or withdrawn, the DETC sends a detailed statement explaining on what grounds it was not given accreditation.

IAO Leads the Industry

IAO, one of the world’s premier accreditation agencies, leads the accreditation industry in many different ways. Unlike other agencies, IAO grants accreditation to both online and traditional institutes and has a reputation for its strict and transparent evaluation process known as Points Profile Score. Many online and offline institutes have benefited from IAO accreditation and are enjoying exciting benefits and worldwide recognition. In addition, the IAO offers a range of benefits to people who become IAO evaluation commission members. Some of these benefits include IAO's certificate, a dedicated webpage and member area, an opportunity to work for improvement of academic standards worldwide, a chance to participate in our global events, an opportunity to develop yourself professionally, and access to free copies of IAO's regional publications.

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