5 Inspirational Movies Students Should Watch in Spare time!

by Ella Wilson
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Recently, due to the advent of Technology in learning there have been many new developments in the educational sector. For instance, a few years ago nobody would have thought that entertainment could be used for learning. Although, Learning models like Gamification have transformed the concepts of learning and given it a new edge. According to experts and scholars, students of the new age are not very keen when it comes to traditional learning. They are not going to listen when you yell at them, scold them, or order them around. It is for the same reason that over the past few years, class culture has transformed a lot. teachers are a lot friendlier and are trying to incorporate student-friendly learning methods to boost their performance.

There are many teachers who are using entertainment to boost class engagement. Many teachers have tried and tested that students communicated and engaged more in a casual and pleasant class environment. This proves that entertainment may not be all about distraction, but may contribute to learning as well. Reading books is also a form of entertainment that is highly recommended by teachers. During the testing times of COVID-19, many teachers have recommended their students to spend their spare time doing productive activities that are entertaining yet productive for their creativity and learning. Although, not everyone is fond of reading. As mentioned earlier, modern students prefer modern methods. They are digital and like to learn through visuals. Entertainment sites such as Netflix are all the rage these days. If students are spending too much time on such sites, they may as well be productive while they are at it. Therefore we have compiled a list of movies for students that are worth watching.

The Social Network

This movie is an academy award winner for all the right reasons. It is ideal for students to watch as it registers the journey of two students who created one of the world’s finest and most famous social network site now known as Facebook. It is highly recommended for students as it shows that a site as huge as Facebook was also developed by two extraordinary students who were once just a part of a crowd. Not only that, but it also shows their personal struggles and sends the message of resilience and determination.

The Breakfast Club

School life can be hard. It is not all about books, tests, quizzes, and grades. For students, school is a complex amalgamation of study stress and social stress and breakfast club covers these aspects in a beautiful way. The breakfast club is an exceptional movie that shows the personal struggles of students. These struggles are extremely relatable for students even in 2020 despite the fact that this movie was made in a whole different century. It is the essence of this movie that makes it evergreen and a top favorite of students.

The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking is a name that no student is unaware of. He has contributed a lot to the field of astrophysics through his research on black holes. Although, Stephen Hawking did not have it easy. His life was filled with unexpected turns and twists that were rather impossible to surpass. Whenever his life was registered on pages and reels, it was all about his academic and professional struggle, but nobody shed a light on his personal life. The theory of everything is another academy award-winning film due to the fact that it disclosed Stephen Hawking’s personal struggles in a beautiful and respectful way. Students can take a lot away from this movie as the entire life of Stephen Hawking gives a message of aspiration and never step down in front of adversity.

Dead Poets Society

Dead poets society is another film that sheds light on the non-academic and personal lives of students while keeping it completely relevant to school struggle. This movie also won an award for impeccable screenplay and cinematography. The movie hit different strings as it showed a non-quintessential teacher motivating his students to break free from traditional ties and do their own thing. This movie is a real tear-jerker and is highly recommended for students as it would help them see things in a new light!

Good Will Hunting

This is one of the best movies that students can watch during the lock down. The internet testifies that quarantine is the time during which many people have discovered their hidden talents and received praise, as well. This film revolves around Will Hunting who is on a journey of self-discovery. It is an extremely inspirational movie that would motivate students to reflect on them self and explore their hidden talents.

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