5 Ways to Boost Your Focus and Feel Motivated While Studying

by Ella Wilson
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Have you ever sat down on your study desk and wanted to throw everything away and go to bed? You are not alone, there are many students who feel the same way. The changing educational culture has sped up the learning process and provided students with resources. This availability of resources has increased the expectations that teachers have from students. Students are expected to perform quicker, better and complete their given tasks, efficiently.

Research showed that it has become normal for students to pull all-nighters where they stay up all night to complete their assignments and given tasks. The same research by IAO proved that these all-nighters are not healthy for students, but they do get the work done. When inquired about their study routines, students said that they usually spend long hours working on assignments and homework. Many students spend as much as 8 hours at home studying. They believe that these long hours can be extremely energy consuming and tire them out. They mostly fail to complete their tasks even after studying for long hours due to reduced productivity or poor work quality.

We have created this guide for students who are trying to pull off a long study session to help them stay motivated and supercharged.

1- Break Down the task in chunks

Some students lose the motivation to study even before starting. The large quantity of work usually scares the students away and they don’t even start studying. Breaking down a bigger task into smaller chunk has proven to help the students with their learning. When they have divided the work into smaller pieces, it becomes easily achievable. It is a clever mind game which provides the students with a sense of achievement each time they complete a smaller task. Within no time you’d find yourself at the end of the tunnel, with your main task completed.

2- Take A Break

Forcing yourself to study when you are tired and dizzy won’t help. This is exactly what students do, after hours of studying they get tired and do nothing about it. There are many students who sleep while studying, resulting in an incomplete assignment. We recommend that students should set small targets (as mentioned earlier) and take small breaks when they complete a target. This would motivate them to work faster and complete their task within the given time. Experts also believe that taking a break is good for mental health and rejuvenates your brain to perform better. You can even take a small nap to prevent dizziness. For instance, if you started working at 4 pm and have planned a long study session, then break this time period in three breaks. Take your first break at 6 pm, and then take another one at 8 pm. You might be able to complete your assignment within this time. In case you haven’t, continue the same process for another two hours.

3- Stay Physically Active By Exercising

We understand that students have busy schedules and it can be challenging to fit exercise into an already packed schedule. Although, there are authentic proofs that working out during study breaks boosts your brain performance substantially. There have been several researches that showed a boosted performance among office employees, and for this same reason, all the successful corporations have in house gyms. Students may want to follow suit and start working out during study breaks in order to put their bodies in the right form and to stay mentally active.

4- Eating and Staying Hydrated

Doing fun things while eating will also keep your spirits up. Students may want to keep a stock of healthy snacks to eat while studying. You can keep fruits, beverages, and chocolates to snack on. Another thing student can do is reward themself with a food item whenever they complete a task at hand. This would add a fun twist to their study routine and make them supercharged. Make sure that you choose healthy foods such as fruits. Many students consume beverages such as coffee or energy drinks which only makes them energized for a few hours.

5- Find your own motivation

There’s no one method that works for all when it comes to motivation. You may not find the above-mentioned tips to work for you. There’s no need to worry, many students have different things that work for them. Try to find something that charges your energy and keeps you motivated for hours.

Follow these five tips to study hard and achieve quality results. Studying straight up for long hours is not an easy job, so if you fail at it once, there’s nothing you need to fret about. Give yourself a few chances and allow yourself to make mistakes and fail. While you are busy looking for motivation tips, remember to go easy on yourself!


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