7 Online Learning Tips for Students

by Ella Wilson
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Online learning is extremely effective, convenient, and affordable. It solves various learning issues and complications due to its convenient nature. Although, we have mentioned it time and again that as opposed to proximate learning, online learning is purely based on self-motivation. Students are responsible for their own performance and attendance. If they are not responsible enough, even online learning can lose its effectiveness.

E-Learning or online learning has many fruits to offer and to thoroughly benefit from these fruits, students may want to be a little more punctual, responsible, and stringent in their routine.
Here are a few tips for students to reach their full potential from online classes.

1- Online is Real

Online learning is considered to be a convenient learning method for many reasons. It doesn’t require people to go out of their houses to spend the extra money and is easily manageable. Although, a lot of people consider online learning as convenient because it’s just a virtual method of learning that they can easily skip or take whenever they want. The latter part can be true to some extent, but this nature and attitude of people towards online learning reduces its effectiveness.

This issue can be resolved if students treat online learning as a real course. Not skipping lectures without any particular reason, taking classes on time, and understanding the importance of grading are some important things. Many students don’t pay attention in online classes because they don’t treat the course as real or important. Online courses are comparatively cheaper, but they do cost money. To benefit from the fruits of online learning, students may want to pay attention and treat online courses as importantly as they would treat a normal class course.

2- Time Management

The first habit that students may want to let go of is taking an online course whenever they want. Although the flexibility of time is a feature of online learning that makes it a top favorite of students, it should not be overused. Students can switch up the timing of class in case of emergency, but doing it in excess will have an impact on the quality of learning.
Setting a proper time for class and taking it regularly will boost productivity and will help you focus in a better way. Setting time is also another part of taking your online course more seriously than casually.

3- Set a Study space

Just like in a proximate classroom, students may want to set a particular study space in online classes. Experts believe that studying in the same spot has an impact on learning speed and quality. Switching places may reduce motivation and have an impact on the mood of students.
Students may want to set up a corner table, or a sofa where they put their books laptop or any other learning equipment. By doing this students will automatically slip into a learning mode whenever they sit in their study space even when they are not in a mood to study.

4- Take responsibility

As mentioned earlier, online learning is a mode where students are supposed to be self-motivated. There is not going to be a teacher who’ll force them to take a class, pay attention, stay focused. Students are supposed to do all of these things on their own. Not only that but having access to the internet, students are also responsible for resisting distractions.
Under such a situation, students should be able to hold themself accountable for their own actions and take responsibility for their mistakes. This will help them look at their weak areas and improve.

6- Expand your Learning resources

There are so many ways of taking up online courses and making them even more advanced. You can add a few more resources and make your lessons more effective whether you are taking online classes where lectures are prerecorded or an online class that is conducted in the form of a live session. For example, if your lessons are pre-recorded you can download them, store them in your device, and create written notes out of them. You can also record your live video sessions and watch them later.
Apart from that, you can also download applications that help you expand your vocabulary, applications that are related to your subject, keep reminders of small things by downloading a digital calendar for apps such as Remind.

7- Take Notes

Many students take online classes to make this mistake of not taking notes. They believe that listening to a lecture is enough and there is no need to write down as videos are recorded and they can have access to them whenever they want. Although taking notes is an important part of learning whether online or traditional. Educationalists believe that there is no way of learning better than learning by writing.
Students are recommended to write down important parts of the lecture in their notebooks or on their devices. This would help them remember key parts of the lecture.

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