Accountancy for Training and Information System is Granted Candidacy Status by IAO


AO – International Accreditation Organization proudly announces the status of candidacy granted to Accountancy for Training and Information System.

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Established in the year 2006, Accountancy for Training and Information System is a firm that provides electronic accounting solutions to small, large and medium scale companies in Iraq Kurdistan in particular. The institute has always cherished to provide consistent services with the highest levels of excellence to their customers. With the help of qualified experts and consultants, Accountancy for Training and Information System is able to provide the best services to customers from institutions, government agencies and major private sector companies.


The institute is committed to work on research and development and the adoption of the latest innovative technologies to maintain the solutions and products that meet the expectations of their customers. Moreover, the institute also offers Statistical, Administration and Accounting Courses for companies and their employees enabling them to become an asset for their businesses and lead their company to the higher level of success.

IAO is satisfied with the services of Accountancy for Training and Information System and thus, grant them the status of candidacy. We also look forward to grant the institute with our international accreditation in the near future along with the assurance of granting lifetime improvement of educational standards.


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