Four Educational Trends for the New Decade

by Ella Wilson
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Recently, there has been a lot of developments in the educational sector. Educators, school managements and government has become more active and invested in the educational world to improve the workforce and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. However, experts predict that in the coming year of 2020 which is also the beginning of the new decade, more educational trends are coming in. These trends are going to change the educational system for good.

Every year there is a new fad in the educational scene regarding student learning and teacher professional development. The same will happen in the year 2020, as students and teachers will see new trends bloom and permeate. Trends and fads in the educational scene change like seasons. However, one trend that has remained constant over the years is technology. Experts believe that trends for the year 2020 will revolve around technology as well. Here are six educational trends that will dominate the new decade.

Learning via AI

According to teachers, one of the major challenges for them is to balance learning in class and reduce the achievement gap. They find it hard to make customized and exclusive curriculum and class plans for every single student to ensure that all students are learning equally. This is where learning through AI comes in. Artificial intelligence systems are being installed in educational institutes to help students on an individual level. Educators are using these systems to create a custom profile for students that find training material and learning toolbox for students based on their abilities and preference. This time saving and convenient technology is futuristic and will turn out to be extremely helpful for teachers and students alike. AI will allow the students to learn at their chosen pace, time frames and according to their learning capacity.

The Concept of Education 

With the changing air of education, concepts of education are transforming as well. We are rapidly coming to acknowledge that to be taught one doesn’t have to sit in a similar seat at a similar area for a predetermined time frame with similar understudies following a banished educational program directed by an outside group of alleged specialists. The open doors for self-coordinated learning are developing exponentially. Progressively significant, the ability of training guardians (i.e., school and optional school affirmation officials and accreditation offices) to perceive the legitimacy of this sort of instruction and to offer credit for an assortment of learning encounters are expanding.

Role of Faculty 

The role of faculty will change significantly as well. Earlier, educators used teacher-centered methods that revolved mostly around traditional lectures, writing, and listening. However, in the coming decade, the modern methods of learning will largely impact the role of faculty turning things around. Teachers will no longer be sage on stage but guide on the side. Instead of holding the hands of students, teachers are going to be torchbearers for students. They will be assisting the students in studying and finding their career paths. This would be one of the major changes in the educational culture of the coming decade as teachers step down from the pedestal and let students sit behind the wheel.


Here it is critical to comprehend that expanded innovation doesn’t really prompt enhancements in learning. We ought to celebrate, be that as it may, the advances of innovation and be sure that students of all ages utilize innovation to assist them with investigating and find data.

We realize that innovation permits pupils to get to a bigger number of information than recently envisioned, yet access to information alone won’t prompt an accomplished understudy arranged for the difficulties of the 21st Century. Teachers should present with the best ideas of innovation to help the improvement of basic reasoning and critical thinking of students.

2019 was a year of innovation itself when it comes to education. However, the year 2020 marks the beginning of the new decade. This new decade will change the educational system for good, once and for all. Our experts at IAO believe that these trends and changes will only benefit the students, teachers, and leaders of the educational sector. The new trends will finally speed up the pace of the educational scene with the help of technology.


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