How IAO’s E-Learning Program will Help Students During COVID-19

by Ella Wilson
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The world never stops for anyone is not a mere proverb but a fact. Earlier this year, Coronavirus gained unbelievable traction resulting in the death of thousands of people. The numbers keep increasing each day as there is no definite time limit as to when the pandemic will end. Despite a huge loss that the world is currently facing whether economically, socially, or generally, businesses didn’t stop. People who are under self-quarantine or government-imposed lock down are still working, eating, and running necessary errands.

Although, the COVID-19 situation has made tasks as simple as getting groceries much more complicated. Under such a situation, doing daily tasks and chores has become nothing less than extreme support. The timelessness of this virus has surely panicked many people including students, teachers, entrepreneurs. This panic has led the leaders in their respective industries to come up with new ways to continue their work and businesses. The educational industry has progressed during the small period of quarantine to ensure that learning continues.

IAO didn’t stay behind in this hustle to ensure the deliverance of quality education. With a collective effort, we were able to come up with a solution that would make remote learning a reality. Our upcoming project that is in its final stages is an ultimate learning solution both for teachers and students.

IAO’s learning system is an online learning platform that brings educationalists, students, and teachers closer to make sure that learning never stops. It has several features that make this program an all in one solution for those who are jiggling between applications and software. Here’s how IAO’s e-learning program will benefit students during these testing times of COVID-19.

1- Video Conference for Live Classes

Teachers all over the world are using live streaming platforms or video chatting to conduct live classes during COVID-19. Among many other features, IAO’s program will also offer a smooth live conference feature that would allow the students to continue their classes form where they left off. Teachers can conduct smooth live lectures without unnecessary jerks, lags, and errors. This specific feature is minimalist so that teachers and students find it easier to communicate with each other.

2- Live Chat Box

Video conference softwares that are created on old models usually lack live chat box. Although students can ask their questions verbally during a live class, a live chat box is extremely important. This way teachers won’t be interrupted during the class and decide for themselves whether a question is important enough and should instantly be answered or should be answered after the class in a detailed manner. Moreover, a live chat box would boost class engagement between the students. Students can discuss a topic under discussion with one another without interrupting the teacher. We have discussed it earlier that the engagement level may be comparatively lower in an online class. Therefore, a live chat box is a must-have when it comes to engagement and interaction.

3- Expansive Cloud Storage

If you are a teacher or a student who has been using multiple applications for one purpose. Many online learning softwares have only chat and calling features and leave you no other option but to switch to another option to store your files. IAO’s e-learning system comes with expansive cloud storage that would safely keep all your files, notes, and books in one place. You don’t have to switch between ten applications to get good grades and boost productivity. The large space will allow you to keep all your documents safe and stored in one place. The convenient and user-friendly design will allow you to skim through your notes smoothly on the go!

4- Sharing with peers

IAO’s e-learning program is all about engagement and interaction as we understand the importance of communication in learning. IAO’s e-learning program allows the students to interact with one another after the class. Students can share their cloud storage and notes with one another. They can also create groups to discuss relevant topics and benefit from each other’s understanding of the subject. This feature of IAO’s e-learning system boosts class engagement in a smooth and simple way. Not only that, but students can contact the teacher as well after the class. All of this interaction forms a wholesome and productive class environment which is usually quite hard to achieve in an online setting.

5- Planning and Organizing

IAO’s e-learning system has so many great features, yet it manages to be minimalist, simple, and user-friendly. The application layout allows personalization and customization, making it easy for the user to access it. Students and teachers can easily organize their lectures, documents, images, and videos. Students can also make reminder notes and plan their days and lessons to learn. Many students waste a lot of time finding notes, planning their schedule and forgetting to do important tasks. These features of IAO’s e-learning system allow students to be productive and prevent them from wasting their time.

IAO’s e-Learning system is based purely on user experience and fulfills the need of real students and teachers. This user-friendly system will change the life of students for good, once and for all. This complex and premium program is currently in its beta version and will be released for all very soon!

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