How Institutes Benefit from IAO Accreditation

by Ella Wilson
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Acquiring an accreditation from IAO is not the final step to becoming an internationally recognized educational institute. IAO believes in continuous improvement and ensures that universities follow up-to-date trends and practices in the educational world. For this purpose, IAO provides instructional recommendations and guidelines to universities and follows through their progress. IAO ensures that the teaching trends in accredited institutes are fresh and cutting edge to meet the modern global standards and strives to improve them if an institute lags. This process of evaluating the nuts and bolts is carried out across different parts of an institute, from management and educators to planning and practice. An IAO accredited institute several enjoys benefits, and all of these benefits allow an increase in student retention ratio. By ensuring that an institute uses efficient, latest learning methods and is tech-forward. Here’s how IAO assists it in getting more students.

Trusted by Students

This is one of the most straightforward reasons why Accreditation from IAO increases the ratio of student retention. Students in colleges are spending a large chunk of money on tuition fees, and they need reassurance that their money won’t go down the drain. Students around the world apply for loans so that they could study in a prestigious institution. However, the skepticism and fear of wasting their money haunt them for nights. IAO is a trusted name that has accredited over 12000 institutes in the past years. Educators, parents, and students prefer to get admission to an institute that has been recognized by a trusted organization. This is precisely why acquiring Accreditation from IAO will boost student retention.

Accreditation has proven to impact not only the decision making of students but that of parents as well. Students and parents feel safer spending money on an accredited institute than the one that is well-known without Accreditation. Universities that have acquired Accreditation from IAO have a well-qualified faculty, state-of-the-art technology, and reputed management, which guarantees high-quality education for potential students. This security acts as solace for parents and students who are thinking about taking admission in a college, university, or school.

Digital Marketing and Promotions

One of the primary services that the International accreditation organization provides for its list of accredited institutes is global recognition. IAO has acquired various resources to promote accredited institutes such as international accreditation forums, magazines, and blogs. International Organization’s logo represents just that, global promotion, and elevation.

Once an educational institute acquires Accreditation, IAO takes it upon itself to promote the institute internationally. Making the people aware of the courses that institute offers, programs, faculty, and other facilities, IAO takes care of all that. The university or college also gets an opportunity to feature in IAO’s reputed magazine. IAO’s magazine has a vast reach, enabling the universities to gain a reputed name all over the world. No matter how small your institute is, if it fulfills IAO’s global competency criteria, international promotion is a given through blogs on IAO’s website and the monthly magazine. The accredited institutes also get access to these magazines with information about educational trends and developing culture at IAO.

Webinars and Seminars

IAO’s International Accreditation for corporations ensures that the organizations operate according to the international principles and standards of quality. It assures the business community’s confidence and trust in your business structure, management & performance. There are many international accreditation agencies for higher education that don’t provide post-accreditation services. However, IAO makes accredited the number one choice of students by nurturing the faculty and management through webinars and seminars. The teachers and educators get opportunities to participate in IAO’s professional development webinars. In these programs, educators from all over the world discuss educational trends, exchange information, and develop new networks. This exchange between educators substantially increases the institute’s reach internationally.

IAO’s webinars bring the leaders of the educational world onto one platform and conduct an inter-professional educational program where professionals from accredited institutes share effective instructional practices, discuss practice gaps, and what can be done to bridge them, roles of educators and team members. These webinars are incredibly beneficial for the institutes to strengthen their already growing reputation and increase their student retention ratio. The primary purpose of these webinars is to increase interaction between top institutes of the world with those who are new in the educational sector. This interaction impacts the growth of educational institutes and improves academic quality.

Degrees Awarded

International Accreditation Organization also takes the worth of degree provided by the institute into consideration before Accreditation. IAO recognizes those universities that are globally competent in terms of education. It ensures that the programs offered are of great value and widely accepted in the international market. Outdated applications, lack of worth, or are of poor quality are rejected by the commission members, which results in rejection of Accreditation as well.

This is one of the evident criteria to acquire IAO’s Accreditation. Therefore, once your institute earns Accreditation from IAO, it becomes the number one choice for students trying to stabilize their careers and futures. Degrees awarded by IAO accredited universities are preferred by companies all over the world. As transparency at IAO has made a quality inspection of institutes evident to the world. To secure their future, students trust in the name of IAO accreditation as they get a chance to study in a world-class environment and look forward to work in multinational organizations. International Accreditation Organization also ensures that institutes accredited by IAO have some job security once the degree has been awarded.

Global Standards

Educational trends have changed exponentially in the past few years. Technology has primarily dominated the education sector, which resulted in more and more updates. Despite the pace with which the education standards and trends changed, International Accreditation Organization succeeded in keeping up with the updates. IAO has created a system to evaluate the institutes based on International and latest educational standards to ensure quality education through accredited institutes.                                                                                       

IAO uses a unique yet globally recognized system of patented points profile to evaluate an institute. Getting awarded with IAO’s patented point profile scores qualify an institute to be globally competent and prove that their educational trends and practices are on par with international standards. From theoretical education to practical labs, everything is evaluated through the points to conclude whether an institute has cutting-edge applications, technology, equipment, and environment or not. Education standards that meet international benchmark will certainly increase student enrollments.

Continuous improvement

This is one of the main reasons why IAO is the number one choice of institutes when it comes to Accreditation. Usually, a low tier international accreditation organization for accreditation services provides the seal of approval to the institute and close the file right there and then. However, IAO is known for keeping track of institute performance and ensuring quality education post-accreditation.  


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