How Teachers Can Achieve a Positive Work-Life Balance

by Ella Wilson
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Work from home may seem like an ideal setting to many, although, the reality of work from home may vary substantially. When you are working from home, work on and off-hours magically blend into one another, having a negative impact on your personal life. Teaching is a job that requires a lot of mental and physical contribution from teachers. This job can be mentally exhausting, which is for the same reason many teachers are recently backing off from this profession. Whether it is work from home or not, teaching is an exhausting profession. Even before lock down, there were many teachers who were burning out at work due to stress and pressure.

Teaching is an underrated profession when it comes to the attention given to work stress. Not many people acknowledged the stress that comes with teaching. Apart from being good at communicating, preparing notes, informative, teachers are also expected to keep up with student progress, learning, loss, and even mental health. This constant multitasking can be tiring for teachers and can mar their own mental health. It is important for teachers to remain mentally healthy, in order to fulfill the stipulations of their job.

Recently, there have been many teachers who either backed off from the profession of teaching or are silently burning out. The number of teachers suffering exponentially increased after the lock down when they were required to deliver the same performance from homes. We have a few tips for teachers who are mildly stressed about the nature of their jobs. These few tips may halter the progress of stress among teachers and help them love their jobs all over again;

1- Follow Work Hours

Many teachers burn out at work because they don’t have fixed work hours. This is very common among teachers who lose a sense of time when they are engrossed in their work. Reaching home hours after the bell has rung can ruin the entire day and lead the teacher towards distress when they put their head on the pillow at the end of the day. It is recommended by experts to stringently follow work hours and close work files as soon as the bell rings. You can always continue where you left off the next day! Staying late is not harmful when it is necessary and occasional. Although making overtime a norm can have a bad impact on the teacher’s mental health.

2- Take Breaks

As mentioned earlier that teaching requires constant multitasking which can be exhausting both physically and mentally. Most of the time teachers are working even during the break when students are not in their classrooms. Teachers deserve and need these breaks just as much as students do. Teachers are highly recommended to take the edge off by going on a walk, drinking the favorite beverage, snacking, or anything that helps them stay away from work and cool off. Experts believe that taking breaks also improves work efficiency and helps a person focus better on the task.

3- Don’t Do It All

Teaching requires multitasking. Although, there are many teachers who have their feet in multiple boats, causing them distress. These teachers try to do everything at once, which ruins their quality of work. It is recommended for teachers to steer clear of extra work that doesn’t concern them. Focusing on ten different tasks may increase your quantity of work but will have a bad impact on quality as you are just distracted, hurried, and distressed the whole time, the perfect recipe to ruin a rather easy task.

4- Don’t Take Work Back Home

It may seem like a fun idea to take daily tasks home just so you could get off early from work. Although, experts believe that the habit of bringing work to home can not only impact your mental health but that of family and friends as well. Your home should be a place to relax and cool off, not another workplace. It is recommended for teachers to leave work at school so that they can recharge their energy and continue the next day. Try your best to wrap up extra work at school so there’s no backlog that requires overtime or work from home.

5- Shut off Electronics

One of the main reasons why so many teachers are burning out recently is technology. We have mentioned the importance of free time at home twice, although, due to the advent of technology, teachers have no fixed work hours. Students, peers, and management have excess to the teacher’s email address, WhatsApp, and other social Media. Due to this, teachers are almost working even at home. Whether it is a small reply to a student or a random zoom meeting with peers, the work has become never-ending. It is recommended for teachers to switch off their devices when they are off their work hours.


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