How Teachers Can Benefit From IAO LMS

by Ella Wilson
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COVID-19 has turned life around for everyone. The virus deeply impacted people in every profession, business, and other aspects of life. The education sector also faced the damages as academic life faltered behind. Schools were closed for an unknown period. Whereas many schools, colleges, and universities are still in lock down. The corona virus situation has simmered down in some countries, whereas in others, it keeps gaining traction.
There are a hundred negative things about the pandemic, although various new trends took birth in the education sector. Online learning became mainstream as more education institutes adopted it as the permanent mode of learning.

During this period of lock down, experts and educationists at the International Accreditation Organization also analyzed the situation for weak areas and improvements. IAO looked at the difficulties teachers were facing in the online learning method and tried to rectify it. As a result, International Accreditation Organization came up with a comprehensive online learning platform known as IAO learning management system.

IAO LMS is an all-in-one platform for teachers and students with updated and modern features to fulfill the needs of those involved in online learning. Although, teachers may find it hard to manage everything on their own when they are not directly communicating with students within the safe space of the classroom. Here are a few features of IAO LMS that teachers may find useful and can benefit from;

1- Create a Calendar

Calendar provided on IAO LMS allows teachers to have a sense of clarity. The easily accessible calendar can be used for various purposes. Teachers can use this calendar to mark important dates, events, and quizzes. The calendar helps the teachers in planning their month-long activities so that there’s no confusion left. Teachers can also add notes to calendars to add more clarity. These reminders will surely help them teach more efficiently and conveniently.

2- Upload Assignments

IAO LMS has a spacious cloud space that allows teachers to store their relevant documents. Again, teachers can use this cloud space for different purposes. Now that schools are opening back again, teachers can upload assignments on IAO LMS instead of distributing them in class. This method is convenient for both teachers and students. It is easier for students to download assignment files, rubrics, and instructions from cloud storage. Moreover, teachers will have more time to spare in the classroom by keeping assignment related tasks online on IAO LMS.

3- Communicate with Students

International Accreditation Organization focuses on different aspects of online learning. The importance of communication in online learning has been an essential topic for experts at IAO. It is for the same reason that IAO LMS has various. Communication and interaction features. Teachers can easily interact individually with students, send messages in groups, and create quick custom groups. Making communication more accessible is to heighten the online learning experience and make it just as realistic as face to face one. With IAO LMS, teachers can send out notes, instructions, and reply to student queries personally and in groups, improving learning quality.

4- Video Lessons

IAO LMS also has a feature that allows teachers to upload video clips for students. Teachers can use this feature in several different ways. They can upload free video lessons available on the internet and make them readily available to students in one place. This option is even more convenient and useful for teachers who are still teaching from home. They can record their video lessons and upload them on IAO LMS for students to watch. It is also more convenient for students as they can watch the video lessons when they have access to computers, internet and have plenty of time.

5- Keep Track of Progress

One of the best things about Online data is that you can keep track of everything. Even if you are a teacher who is conducting a face to face class, collecting data on an online platform will be extremely useful. It is easier to keep track of grades, courses, and student progress. Teachers will have collective students mark in one place, which can help in result adjustment by the end of the term. Apart from that, teachers also have access to month-long student attendance, which will come in handy. By using IAO LMS, all your data will be safely stored at one platform.

IAO LMS is an ultimate learning platform for students. The initial purpose of IAO LMS was to ensure smooth learning during the lock down, although teachers in face-to-face classes are finding IAO LMS to be just as useful. Teachers are continuing to use IAO LMS even after the lock down as it has features that make learning more accessible and more fun. Incorporating IAO LMS in your class will help you achieve an ideal hybrid classroom that will boost student learning and make teaching easier for you.

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