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As much as we detest corona virus, the pandemic succeeded to do something that years of struggle of technocrats couldn’t do i-e make Ed-Tech a norm. Students, teachers, and professionals have spent almost five months in lock down doing small tasks with the help of the internet. Filling up quizzes and taking tests huddled in bed has became normal. Although, the grey skies of the pandemic have disappeared and businesses are opening again. Morning walks, sleeping early, and studying in groups; it’s all back. 

Schools have also reopened, and face-to-face classes are continuing. Although, as mentioned earlier, Ed-tech became a norm during the five-month-long proximate classes hiatus and surprise! People loved it. Teachers and students both found the ways of technology both convenient and efficient. Teachers had a hard time adjusting to numerous applications, software, and the internet, although, all the struggle was worth their efforts. Back and forth exchange of digital notes, Skype meetings, and zoom live sessions became the new norm and favorite of both students and teachers. Technology is going to leave a significant imprint on the education industry, and ways student learn, experts, believe. 

For a very long time, the internet was used for entertainment purposes; for the most part. From excessive use of social media to watching TV shows, everything was done on mobile. Lock down was for the first time that the internet was treated as a necessity for essential purposes rather than a mere luxury to spend leisure time. For all these reasons, experts believe that it will be hard to go back to the old ways, fortunately. Students found it more natural and free-flowing to study online, and teachers found Ed-tech to be time-saving and convenient. It will be hard to detach from online tools and tactics such as IAO LMS. 

IAO has never staggered to improve learning standards and make teaching easier for students. During a pandemic, when institutes and teachers were struggling for apparent reasons, the International accreditation organization released a student-centered and teacher-friendly online learning platform known as IAO LMS. The primary purpose of IAO LMS was to make online learning more practical and easier for students. As mentioned earlier, teachers had a difficult time adjusting to software complications. IAO LMS is easy to navigate and neat platform that teachers can quickly familiarize themselves with. Although, now that schools are opening back again and teachers are supposed to lay low on technology, they may find it hard to readjust to old ways. We recommend reducing some load and sticking to only one platform. IAO LMS has all the features in one place that you are using on ten different apps; it is truly an all in one learning solution for both students and teachers. 

Here’s how you can incorporate IAO LMS in your face-to-face classroom and make proximate learning fun and advanced; 

Cloud storage

Even when Ed-Tech has not dominated the education industry, students mostly relied on the internet to study. They created notes, watched online lectures, and used online journals for research purposes. All these things were a general part of student lives before the lock down and at-home classes. IAO LMS provides expansive cloud storage that students can use to store their files and documents. Teachers can also upload their journals, sheets, and notes on IAO LMS’s cloud storage. You can download the LMS app on your phone and have your documents anywhere at your disposal. 

Group chats

A good teacher knows the importance of class co-ordination. A wholesome class environment is essential to boost overall class productivity. Many teachers use class groups to bring out the competitive side of students so that they perform better on tests while having fun. 

IAO LMS allows users to create multiple groups and even customize then. Teachers can use this feature to increase student engagement in and outside of the classroom. There are many ways these groups can be used for, e.g. Gamification. Students can also exchange notes in these groups and share valuable information. Moreover, teachers will be able to save plenty of time by sending essential updates and reminders on these groups.

Easy tracking

It is always better to keep reports and details stored online as compared to close registers. Once you have uploaded a feature online, it is going to stay there forever unless you delete it. Teachers can easily track their class performance, student reports, and attendance on IAO LMS. It is easier to follow courses and progress on LMS. 


Quizzes are one of the best digital activities to boost class engagement through Gamification. IAO LMS allows teachers to create fun quizzes that students can solve in groups and individually. Teachers can use these quizzes as homework or conduct a live quiz session in a face-to-face class which can be a fun activity for students. Quiz and group feature of IAO LMS are two key ingredients to boost class engagement. 

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