IAO Awarded Candidacy Status to Noble Institute of Education Society


International Accreditation Organization has successfully granted the status of Candidacy to Noble Institute of Education.

Established in the year 2002, the institute focuses on enhancing IT awareness among the people of the society. It is the first institute to offer distance education, computer training,  Vocational Training Program and Secretarial Practice and Language training. Noble Institute of Education Society is a pioneer in the education field, offering all courses under one roof.

Noble Institute of Education Society helps students to recognize the quality and significance of IT and other business related courses. The Institution’s core value is based on Academic Excellence and Integrity following outstanding teaching and services. They aim to focus on both individual and collective excellence with diversified education.

They are offering diversified programs which includes B. Tech, Diploma, Information & Technology, management and other traditional courses. Their courses are equipped with both practical and theoretical learnings according to the need of the curriculum. Noble Institute of Education Society facilitate students with different types of equipments according to the needs and requirements of the courses.

Considering the overall educational quality and standard of the institute, IAO is proud to announce the grant of Candidacy to Noble Institute of Education Society and aims to provide Full Accreditation in the near future.


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