IAO Awards the Status of Candidacy to SAAGG – South Asian Academy for Good Governance


andidacy status is granted to South Asian Academy for Good Governance (SAAGG) by International Accreditation Organization – IAO.

SAAGG was established with a dream of reducing the inter-racial and inter-religious differences amongst the people in Sri Lanka and around the world. To promote social justice, peace and harmony, good governance and democracy is the vision of SAAGG which began with the origin of a magazine called Samadeepa and then led to the foundations of SAAGG.SAAGG BunnerSAAGG aims to facilitate the students with quality education based on international standards by providing certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, masters, doctorates and other certification programs which are totally based on merit, work experience, education, research activities and extra ordinary performances of the students. Being a non-profit organization SAAGG works for the welfare of the society with course programs in subjects of Social Welfare, Social Development, Social Justice and Training and Education.It’s an honour for IAO to grant Candidacy to South Asian Academy for Good Governance (SAAGG) due to their services in promoting democracy, good governance, accountability, social responsibility, human rights and rule of law at all levels in all sectors around the world through counseling, guidance, examination, investigation, monitoring and evaluation. IAO looks forward to grant Full Accreditation to SAAGG in the near future and a promise of granting continuous improvement to enhance the educational standards of the academy.


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