IAO Chapter Member Conducting Visit Inspection at Alex International Salon

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is a pioneer of quality assurance in the modern education industry. From assessing, guiding, and accreditation, IAO has remained on the frontline for the sake of learning. IAO utilizes modern techniques to evaluate an institute and to ensure that the learning standards are at par with the global standards.

IAO has accredited more than thousands of institutes and ensured that the students are learning from nothing but the best. To materialize their futuristic goal of benchmark learning, IAO acquires a three-step process.

STEP # 1: Institutes are required to fill in our application form and submit the necessary documents.

STEP # 2: If approved by our commission members, the institute will be paid a visit by IAO’s Global Chapter Members to evaluate the curriculum, faculty members, facilities of the institute, etc.

STEP # 3: Evaluation report is submitted to our committee members. If satisfied, full accreditation is given to the institute.

IAO Inspects Alex International Salon via Visit Inspection

We would like to announce that Alex International Salon has successfully cleared IAO’s initial application stage and has moved to phase 2 of our process, which is visit inspection. Our Chapter Member has successfully conducted a visit inspection of the institute, a report of which has been submitted to our Commission Members. If approved, the institute will acquire IAO’s Full Accreditation Status.

About Alex International Salon

Alex international Salon is an avant-garde entity in the beauty industry. The salon uses innovative techniques to conduct their procedures. The dexterous staff at Alex international is trained not only in the art of highlighting external beauty, but they are trained to be more sensitive and susceptible to the changing beauty standards. Alex international salon is a great place for beauty interns and novices to find the right directions.

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