IAO Global Chapter Member Visits JOMS International

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is the pioneer in providing global accreditation to institutes around the world regardless of their location, financials and type. Be it a training center, a university or a college, IAO believes in creating a standard of education for every education provider worldwide through its global accreditation. Over the years, IAO has accredited more than 12,000 educational institutes worldwide, making us the leading international accreditation body.

In pursuit of our mission, IAO has employed the following process to evaluate institutes:

Step # 1: Institutes apply for IAO’s accreditation using the initial application form.

Step # 2: Once the initial application form is approved by our Commission Members, a visit inspection is conducted by our Global Chapter Members.

Step # 3: A report of the visit inspection is submitted to our Commission Members for final approval. Upon approval, the institute acquires IAO’s full accreditation along with our seal and certificate.

IAO Global Chapter Member Visits JOMS International


We would like to announce that JOMS International has successfully cleared IAO’s first step, the initial application phase, and has moved to the second step of visit inspection. Our Global Chapter Member visited JOMS International for visit inspection and has submitted the visit inspection report to our Commission Members for final approval. If approved, the institute will receive IAO’s full accreditation.

About JOMS International

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