IAO Global Chapter Member Visits NCPEM for Evaluation

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization works towards the ultimate goal of being a reliable platform that accredits universities, schools, and colleges based on a global criteria. IAO has been working towards the attainment of this same goal and has provided international recognition to deserving educational institutes. IAO has accredited more than 12,000 institutes to date that enjoy increased student enrollment and reputable position in the educational sector.

In order to evaluate institutes, IAO employs the following 3-step process:

Step # 1: Institutions are required to fill out an initial application form

Step # 2: Once the form gets approved, our Global Chapter members conduct a formal visit inspection of the institute.

Step # 3: A report is prepared by the Global Chapter member that requires an approval from our Commission Members. IAO’s full accreditation is provided to institutes that clear this final step.

Announcing National Council for Professional Education Mission Visit Inspection Status

In this context, we would like to announce that National council for Professional Education Mission has successfully cleared the second step of IAO’s accreditation process. After the approval of initial application, IAO’s Global Chapter Member conducted a formal visit inspection of the institute, which brings us to the final step. A report on NCPEM’s education culture, faculty, curricula, and equipment has been submitted to the commission members who will provide a final verdict after thorough evaluation. The institute will get IAO’s seal of approval and full accreditation on the approval of the report.

About National Council for Professional Education Mission

National Council for Professional Education Mission is an institute that believes in development and nurturing of new talent. The institute is offering a vast variety of diplomas, long, and short courses. From domestic field of works to computer technology, NCPEM has a course for everyone. The institute believes in empowering student with skills in such a way that they become capable of entrepreneurship as well as employment. The skill development training at NCPEM follows global standards so that students can compete with the best.


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