IAO Grants Full Accreditation to Mawhiba Training and Positive Motivation

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization stands as the leading agency in the world for accrediting educational institutions, giving them the opportunity to gain global recognition and increase their student retention ratios. Whether it is a training center for professionals, institute for arts & crafts or a university for graduation, IAO allows any type of institution regardless of its financials & location to get international accreditation.

IAO follows a simple yet effective process to evaluate institutions:

Step # 1: Institutes apply for IAO’s accreditation using the initial application form.

Step # 2: Once the initial application is approved by our commission members, a visit inspection of the institute is conducted by our Global Chapter Members.

Step # 3: A visit inspection report is submitted to our commission members for approval. Once approved, institutes get IAO’s Full Accreditation along with our seal and certificate.

Mawhiba Training and Positive Motivation Acquires IAO’s Full Accreditation

In this context, we would like to announce that Mawhiba Training and Positive Motivation has successfully cleared all stages of IAO’s evaluation process to acquire IAO’s full accreditation. We would like to congratulate the institute for achieving this milestone. Mawhiba Training and Positive Motivation now is an international accredited institute with IAO’s official seal and certificate.

About Mawhiba Training and Positive Motivation

Mawhiba Training and Positive Motivation aims to train community groups to live life in accordance with the 21st century’s norms and tech. The ambition is to spread positive awareness and develop thinking skills of individuals to be more aware and mature of the surroundings around them.

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