IAO Provides Full Accreditation Status to St. Helen’s Institution

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization aims to recognize education institutes all around the world that providing high quality education with a commitment to continuous improvement. In doing so, we have our representatives, our global chapter members, in every major country of the world to connect with institutes who are worthy of our accreditation. In order to accomplish such a mammoth task of accrediting institutes in every nook of the world, IAO has employed a simple yet effective process, which every institute has to go through to be qualified for our accreditation. Here’s a glimpse of our process:

Step # 1: Institutes are required to fill in the initial application form for review by our commission members.

Step # 2: Once the institute’s initial application is approved, our global chapter members visit the institute to inspect the facilities, faculty, etc.

Step # 3: The final inspection report is submitted to our commission members. If approved, the institute gets IAO’s full accreditation.

Congratulating St. Helen’s Institution for Getting IAO’s Full Accreditation


In light of the aforementioned process and mission of IAO, we are glad to announce that St. Helen’s Institution successfully complied with all of IAO’s policies and has completed our accreditation process. Hence, St. Helen’s Institution is now a fully accredited institute by IAO. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and commend St. Helen’s Institution’s commitment to providing quality education.

About St. Helen’s Institution

St. Helen’s Institution was established in 2019 with the aim to provide the best infrastructure and faculty to students, resulting in top quality education. The institute offers a wide range of courses, allowing students to choose and develop their careers in the fields they choose.

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