IAO Renews Full Accreditation Status of Consultants for Managerial & Technical Consultation

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is a renowned accreditation agency with consultants and chapter members in more than 60 countries around the globe. Through IAO’s accreditation, institutes get the following benefits:

  • International recognition
  • Brand Awareness Globally
  • Assistance with Maintaining the Highest Quality of Education as per International Standards
  • Publicity via IAO’s Print & Digital Publications

Institutes that acquire IAO’s accreditation go through the following simple yet effective process:

Step # 1: Institutes apply for IAO’s accreditation via the initial application form.

Step # 2: Once the initial step is approved, our Global Chapter members of that particular region visit the institute for physical evaluation and inspection. A report of this visit inspection is submitted to our commission members.

Step # 3:  If the institute’s visit inspection report is approved by our commission members, the institute receives IAO’s full accreditation status for a pre-decided period.

Note: Once the institute’s accreditation tenure is completed, the institute can renew the accreditation by contacting IAO’s representatives.

Consultants for Managerial & Technical Consultation Renews IAO’s Full Accreditation

In this regard, we would like to announce that Consultants for Managerial & Technical Consultation has renewed its full accreditation status with IAO. We would like to congratulate the institute for taking this step towards improving their institute’s educational standard and achieving global recognition by becoming part of IAO’s network.

About Consultants for Managerial & Technical Consultation

Consultants for Managerial & Technical Consultation is an international institute offering consultation services in the fields of finance, banking, financial accounting, human resource, office management and other corporate sectors. The institute aims to offer insights and directions to organizations based on statistics to ensure success.

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