IAO Renews Full Accreditation Status of Sunshine Teachers Training Institute

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Since its inception, International Accreditation Organization has focused on providing educational institutes the opportunity to be globally recognized for providing high quality education, regardless of their financials, location and size. Schools, universities, colleges, institutes and training centers benefit from IAO’s accreditation, since it gives them international exposure and credibility. IAO has accredited more than 12,000 institutes to date, allowing them to carry IAO’s seal and certificate as a testimony of their commitment towards providing quality education as per global standard.

IAO provides accreditation to institutes through the following process:

Step # 1: Institutes apply for IAO’s accreditation using the initial application form.

Step # 2: Once the initial application is approved by our Commission Members, a visit inspection is conducted.

Step # 3: Report of the visit inspection is submitted for review by our Global Chapter Members. If approved, the institute acquires IAO’s full accreditation.

Note: IAO’s accreditation has a tenure. Once the tenure is over, institutes renew the accreditation by consulting with one of IAO’s consultants.

Sunshine Teachers Training Institute Renews IAO’s Full Accreditation

In this regard, we would like to announce that Sunshine Teachers Training Institute, a Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery teacher training center, has renewed its full accreditation status with IAO. We would like to acknowledge Sunshine Academy’s efforts towards maintaining high quality standards of education in their trainings.

About Sunshine Teachers Training Institute

‘Sunshine Teachers Training Institute provides Montessori Kindergarten and Nursery teacher training to the aspirants who want to educate and train children of age below 12 years to bring about a quality change in their lives right from their young age and make their lives more meaningful. The ‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute’ follows Montessori Method of training to develop teachers who could adopt the values in training children.

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