IAO’s Global Chapter Members on Visit Inspection at Microfund for Women Learning Academy

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is the leading global agency of providing quality assurance services to educational institute. With its mission to provide accreditation to institutes worldwide, regardless of their size, nature and financials, IAO makes it possible for institutes to be recognized on a global scale.

In order to ensure institutes around the world are assessed on the same standard, IAO has employed a simple yet effective process that institutes need to follow in order to gain accreditation:

Step # 1: Fill in the application form to be reviewed by our commission members.

Step # 2: Once initial application is approved, IAO’s global chapter members perform a visit inspection of the institute.

Step # 3: The visit inspection report is submitted to our commission members. If approved, the institute acquires IAO’s accreditation.

Announcing Microfund for Women Learning Academy Completion of Visit Inspection

We are glad to announce that Microfund for Women Learning Academy’s initial application was approved by our commission members, following which a visit inspection was conducted. Our global chapter members inspected the institute and submitted the report to our commission members for final evaluation. We would like to congratulate the institute for reaching the final step of gaining accreditation from IAO and would like to wish them the best of luck for the final approval.

About Microfund for Women (MFW) Learning Academy

The MFW Learning Academy was created in 2018 to institutionalize all MFW training and development under one platform. The goal of the Academy is to become a specialized training provider and consultancy for individuals and organizations working in microfinance in Jordan and the region, in addition to expanding its extensive capacity building  and training services offered to beneficiaries, and potential beneficiaries and their families with respect to gender and inclusion considerations.

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