Narayana College of Nursing Acquires IAO Full Accreditation

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization aims to establish a global standard of education for institutes. It is our mission to create a world where all educational institutes are accredited by a sole authority without any discrimination. In keeping this in mind, IAO accredits institutes regardless of their locations, financials and type.

IAO has employed a simple yet effective process that allows institutes from all around the globe to apply and acquire IAO’s registration. Here’s our process:

Step # 1: Institutes apply for IAO’s accreditation using the online application form to be reviewed by our commission members.

Step # 2: Once the initial application is reviewed and approved, IAO’s Global Chapter Members perform an inspection either by visiting the institute or online.

Step # 3: If the inspection report submitted to our commission members is approved, the institute receives IAO’s full accreditation.

Narayana College of Nursing Gets Fully Accredited by IAO

We are glad to announce that Narayana College of Nursing has successfully completed IAO’s process of evaluation and has acquired our full accreditation. We would like to congratulate the institution for achieving this milestone and would like to wish them best of luck for the future.

About Narayana College of Nursing

Narayana College of Nursing is a top of the line nursing institute in India offering state of the art equipment, well-trained and highly experienced faculty to its students. The institute aims to provide high quality education in the field of nursing to its aspiring nurses.

The onset of sophisticated technology has resulted in hospitals becoming large intensive care units, with cardiac monitoring, respiratory assistance and intense treatment becoming a growing part of the average patient’s plan of care. Today, hospitals face increased patient loads and escalating pressure to treat more people, more quickly. This in turn has led to growing demand for more skilled and specialized nurses, both in India and abroad. At Narayana College of Nursing, students are taught the principles of Caring, Excellence and Integrity, and exposed to the finest of caring and learning environment, wherein they learn, grow, and flourish in the best traditions of professional education.

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