The Power of Diversity in Class – Why it Matters

by Ella Wilson
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Educational institutions are not all about teaching science, math, geography to students. But the main purpose of education is to teach students how to live in a miscellaneous society and adjust in a professional world. This brings us to the main question as to whether educational institutes are doing their job.

Recently, the subject of Diversity has been all the rage. From educationalists to parents, everyone has been questioning school cultures and the need for diverse educational systems. The reason is simple, the world has globalized to an extent where borders exist only for political reasons. People are connecting with one another despite the tall walls and nothing is hidden behind ten veils. Students are traveling to acquire education from their dream institutes and they make sure to share their experience on social media.

There is not one, but many educational institutes that faced reduced student retention because a bad word went out. The matter of Diversity has become of great importance for several reasons. Many institutes are adopting it to save their reputation in the modern world and to stay at par with the culture of top-notch and exemplary educational institutions. Although, the subject of Diversity is much vast than that, especially for educationalists and school management. It is not a mere tool of increasing student retention but is extremely beneficial to boost the quality of learning in your college.
We are going to jot down a few benefits of Diversity in the classroom that would show the beauty and power of Diversity.

1) A Better Society for Future

We have all come across people in our life who are rude/ignorant towards the feeling of other people. We either experience it ourselves or see other people suffer the embarrassment and wish we could do something about it. Such situations are out of our hands and we can only wish that they had someone teach them the etiquette.
By teaching your students to be more tolerant and diverse towards people, you are preparing a healthy and wholesome Society. Students in a diverse class become more emphatic and develop a sense to understand the feeling of others in a better way. Such students will become a part of society that is tolerant.

2)Student Productivity and Engagement

A diverse class is inclusive not only in terms of cast, color, culture but in terms of student ability as well. Students in a diverse class are taught to be tolerant towards the people of color and also towards struggling students. This way, those are academically weak feel more confident to speak up and talk in a class. It usually happens that those who sit in the back of the class stay quiet the entire time and end up scoring a D. When all the students know that no one is going to make fun of them or judge them for their participation, they start engaging and improving.

3) Preparation for professional life

The educational sector is not the only area that globalization has impacted. From economics, politics, and the corporate world, globalization has transformed everything. This transformation calls for new rules, regulations, and norms. Workplaces and offices have altered their culture to suit the diverse workforce. Employees in the current workforce belong to the various background and they need an appropriate environment at their offices. Safe to say, the corporate world has changed a lot. By teaching your students in a diverse environment, you prepare them for what’s to come. They will find it easier to adjust to modern workplaces and follow the norms of their culture. Diversity is the future when it comes to the corporate world, therefore, students may want to educate themselves in order to work at reputable organizations.

4) Improved Academic Performance

Ever wondered why class engagement is promoted so much by teachers and educationalists? Because students learn the best from one another. They are more at ease when learning from their peers which results in the birth of new ideas. Although, in a non diverse class, the experiences and brain processes of students are more or less the same. They don’t have much to share with one another that is new. On the other hand, a diverse class with students from various backgrounds in your class provides food for class productivity. Students learn from new experiences and different ideas that are in contrast with their thought process. This results in boosted class performance and creativity among the students.

These are just a few reasons why teachers should take measures to promote diversity in their classrooms. Diversity is a key to understanding and succeeding in a futuristic world where the worth of a human person is not decided by the color of skin, but what lies beneath it. The purpose of a teacher is to ensure the learning and success of students. To ensure student success in a practical world, it is important to aptly guide them so that they can retrieve the key to success i-e diversity.

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