Top 10 Applications for Teachers and Students to Boost Class Performance

by Ella Wilson
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21st century is the time where technology has become an extension of the young generation. With their eyes down and fingers tapping, they are rarely ever paying attention in the classroom that follows traditional methods. Teachers have spent quite a lot of time yelling at their students to put their phones away. Although, in recent days, many teachers are coming forward and embracing technology. These teachers are trying to figure out a way through which they can use technology to their own advantage.

EdTech is still a new thing in the educational sector. Teachers and even students are still getting a hang of it. Although, those who have incorporated modern methods of learning, testify that EdTech has boosted class performance and positively impacted learning. Some teachers include technology in the form of class digital lessons, whereas some include remote feedback and learning.

Although, teachers who try to go digital often find it extremely hard because of the complex and complication nature of technology. After failing to get a hang of technology, teachers often give up and bounce back to traditional methods. This failure happens because teachers barge into the world of EdTech without trying out simpler and basic tech, first. There are many mobile phone applications that are comparatively simpler and easier to use. Teachers may first want to try out gadgets, software, and applications that make remote learning easier. Here are a few applications that teachers can use to boost class learning as well as remote learning.


Discord is an application that was initially made for video gamers to communicate with one another and stream games. Although, teachers found this application to be extremely helpful for remote learning. Teachers can use this application to teach a class of 50 students from the comfort of their homes. The application allows voice chats, video chats, and live streaming. Teachers can share their computer screens as well. Unlike video lessons, the best part about discord teaching is that students have an option to stay on audio live chat and ask their queries without internet losses. Teachers can also use discord chat to share media and update students about lessons.


Kahoot is an application that is based on the latest concept of gamification. Several researches proved the importance of gaming in the classroom, and how students tend to learn better when they are challenged in a lighthearted way. Teachers can use this application to design their quizzes and multiple-choice questions that can help them engage students. Kahoot turns boring lessons into fun ones, by adding a creative touch to them. This application can help the teachers get through boring lessons without losing student interest.

Google Classroom

Google classroom, when paired with Google drive, becomes a powerful EdTech tool for teachers.  It is software by google that allows the teachers to create a virtual classroom for students. Teachers can add students with their Gmail ID and upload relevant notes, audio, video files, and other data. Google Drive streamlines google classroom by providing ample space to upload files so that students can remain up to date.


Slack is a very simple application that allows teachers to communicate with students outside the classroom. Teachers can create group chats and use this application to send reminders to students. The best part about this application is its simple design that is user-friendly for teachers who are not tech-savvy. This minimalistic application is the number one choice of many educators who believe in holistic learning that goes beyond classrooms.


TED is a huge name that many students are already familiar with. It is a platform that has thousands of lectures and inspirational videos from experts and professionals. Ted Application makes those lectures and videos more accessible to students. Teachers can also use this application to recommend relevant lectures to students to watch after the class. This way, students will be spending their time at home in a more productive way. This application can be a productivity booster for teachers as well, as they can listen to motivating podcasts in their free time.


It is another platform for teachers that like to incorporate tech learning in their classroom. Dropbox is ideal for teachers who like to assign homework with the help of technology. Teachers can use DropBox to upload relevant files and information regarding homework. Dropbox provides cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software, that would help the tech-savvy teachers to efficiently boost learning and class performance


This application is a treat for creative teachers who like to personalize their online lessons. Teachers can use this application to record their lessons and add a creative touch to it. It provides the teachers with a white space and many tools to use this space for learning. It can record your voice while you draw and write down on the white space provided on the IPad. It is an efficient form of remote learning that makes it easier for students to understand the lesson. Other features of Educreations allow the teachers to upload pictures, video, and audio files.

These applications are ideal for teachers who are just stepping into the world of EdTech. The simple yet effective applications for teachers can surprisingly boost class performance and teacher productivity. It is due to their effectiveness, that more teachers are now moving their lessons to online platforms as they are effective, time-saving, and engaging for students.


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