5 Books Students Should Read During Quarantine

by Ella Wilson
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We have been in a Coronavirus lock down for almost 50 days now. Although 50 days may not seem like a time long enough to change the fate of the world, the intensity of the virus has transformed various areas of human life. The economy has weakened, environment has purified, world health has deteriorated. All in all, mankind is suffering at the hand of a virus that is invisible to the naked eye.

Under such circumstances, the small-time period of 50 days feels like an eternity of a lifetime. The lock down keeps going as the virus keeps gaining traction. Only positive thing that has come out of lock down is that people are exploring their talents in their spare time. We have seen art bloom around us in the most beautiful way. People who always wanted to explore their talents are finally getting a chance to do so. It is the perfect time to follow your passions that required time and effort.

If you are a student who forgot the concept of pleasure reading due to stringent academic life then this may be the perfect time for you to hit your bookshelf again. We have compiled a list of books that students may find informative, entertaining, and worth reading. Take a look;

1- Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Mohsin Hamid beautifully captured refugee problems in his internationally acclaimed novel Exit West. The themes of migration and third world problems are captured with artistic finesse. His quality writing and imagination secured him a spot on Barrack Obama’s list of favorite books.

If you are a student who is a fan of travel stories then you may love this book. It is an ideal read for students who want to expand their imagination and gain some insight into creative writing. Hamid has used his writing skills to develop characters that are realistic and emotional. One of the ideal things about this book is its reading time. it is a short read that is ideal for students who don’t enjoy reading.

2- Life of pi by Yann Martel

Life of pie gained fame as soon as it was published. Anyone who is into writing and literature knows about this book and understand its worth. Although there are many students who only know this work because there have been many commercial movies made on the story. If you found those stories intriguing, then you may want to give this book a chance. Our avid readers believe that book is 10 times better than the movie itself and deserves a chance.

Yann Martel who is the author of this book used imaginative powers to bring the story towards a memorable climax. This book is an ultimate tear-jerker and is an ideal read for students who are trying to expand their knowledge about literature.

3- 1984 by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell is a book that almost every student is aware of although not all have read it. Now is the ideal time to start reading this book as it has a lot to offer to reading addicts. Orwell has covered controversial topics with great ease and has made them easy to understand for students. Although it is a political read, the book has a lot of morals and lessons for those who read it. From state treason, blasphemy, lying false punishment, he has covered a lot of uncomfortable topics with his choice of correct words.

It is highly recommended by literary professors and teachers due to its historical value and moral lessons. If you are about to enter college then you may want to read this book already as it may help you in your academic ventures. There are many books that you are going to read in college by George Orwell, this book is ideal to introduce yourself to George Orwell’s writing style and tone.

4- Orwell’s Animal Farm

Animal farm is another famous creation of George Orwell. It is a novel that is written in the form of a fable to target some controversial themes and topics at the time of its release. Due to the controversial themes discussed in this book, it was likely that the book would get banned. Although its satirical nature and writing style saved its release. The book was initially published in the children section so that everyone could have access to it. It is an ideal read for all the students who are entering college as it may be a part of your academic curriculum.

5- Stephen Hawking’s A brief history of Time

If you are a student who is not into fictional stories and novels, then this may be the perfect read for you. Although Stephen Hawking is mainly known for his research in the field of astrophysics, specifically about black holes, his books are equally cherished by the readers and literary critics. In his book A brief history of Time, Stephen Hawking discusses basic concepts of cosmology and universe. If if you have just discovered your love for physics, then this should be the perfect book to get started on cosmology, astrophysics, or the universe.

These are our top six picks for students who are bored at home and want to be more productive. There are so many other books and genres that students can explore. We will be featuring more books in are coming articles to make this quarantine productive and entertaining.

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