Top 10 Programs/Softwares that Would Boost Distance Learning

by Ella Wilson
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COVID-19 has been equally testing for everyone. It has impacted different areas of life and has taken the form of a lethal poison. Although, a little hindrance in education can have a long term effect on student productivity. During these trying times, teachers are extremely worried about student progress and learning. They are doing their best to continue student learning without compromising on quality. From live streams to video conferences, teachers are trying to use all and every medium they can get their hands on.
It is still unknown when the lock down is going to be lifted so that things go back to normal. Therefore, it is about time that professionals in their fields find valuable and permanent solutions to problems they are faced with during quarantine. Technology is playing a major and important role in education during his hard times. 80% of the business and education centers are relying upon digital devices and technology. It is important to put available resources to the full and correct use. We have gathered a list of mobile phone applications, softwares, and programs to help students reach their full potential while they are in self-quarantine.

1- Grammarly

Grammarly is not only beneficial for students, but it is equally beneficial for the teachers. It is an editing software that does much more than only editing your notes. It is one of the most convenient and advanced softwares when it comes to editing and is preferred by teachers and students alike.
It will come in extremely handy for students when it comes to writing down lectures during class. Grammarly will make sure that your notes are error-free and accurate so that you can smoothly read them later on. This software will also help the students in creating their digital assignments. The software will prevent any chances of minor grammatical mistakes so that students can focus entirely on the assignment content.

2- Google Drive

Many students are still new to full time online learning. It is hard for them to manage their online notes, essays, and books. The data is usually scattered all over the place which makes it hard for them to find the required file when needed. Organizing notes is one of the most difficult tasks students agreed.

Google drive is an extremely convenient and expensive cloud storage that provides a lot of space for students to store their data. Students can safely keep their files in an organized manner on Google drive. The drive also allows the student to edit their files so that they wouldn’t have to create several copies of the same file to make minor changes. Not only that, but Google drive also allows the storage of media such as images and videos.

3- YouTube

YouTube is another online platform that can be extremely beneficial for students. There are thousands of educational lectures on YouTube that teachers can use in their classroom to make complicated concepts clearer. Although, not all teachers like to use media platforms such as YouTube in their classes. Under such a situation, students can explore YouTube on their own and find out educational lectures affiliated with their subject.

One of the many pros of YouTube videos is that they are extremely informative, visual, and are easier to understand. The uses of graphics, images, and media make YouTube videos extremely interactive and less complicated as compared to a generic class lecture. Students can also upload relevant videos on their own YouTube channels and share them with their classmates.

4- Discord

Discord is an amazing chatting application that a lot of students are already using. It has so many features that can make distance learning easier and advanced. If your teacher is not incorporating a voice chatting software application into online learning then students can create their own channels and groups on discord. Students can use these channels to communicate with one another and share notes via text and media. Discord also allows group video chatting and live streaming that promotes engagement and interaction between students.

5- Remind

Class engagement is both one of the most important and challenging parts of distance learning. It is recommended for teachers and students both to do their best to maintain a proper engagement and interaction between each other. Remind is a mobile phone application that does just that. Students can use this application to share notes with one another and set reminders for their class. The application provides an option to create groups and classroom services where students can interact with the teacher and get daily updates regarding the class schedule. The productivity of this application becomes tenfold when a teacher is involved, as the application is based on the concept of a real-life classroom.

7- Watch 2gether

Digital natives prefer to study their notes in the form of visuals. They prefer pictures over text and video over pictures. If you are a student whose learning is greatly reliant upon YouTube videos and other video platforms, then you may want to familiarize yourself with this website.

Watch 2gether is a website that allows multiple students to watch one video together at the same time. Usually, when students are doing group study in an online environment they tend to start the video at the same timestamp. Although, it can be a bit annoying when one student misses the timestamp and you have to restart the entire thing all over again. On watch 2gether, a video pause at the same time on all monitors so that students can have a smooth learning experience. Students can record class lectures and watch them later and where together they can also be tutorials and relevant videos on the internet to boost their engagement interaction and productivity.

Online learning is a simple convenient and effective. Although, it becomes an extreme sport when there is no real-life engagement involved. Under such condition teachers and students may want to go all out to ensure that class quality is not impacted due to the distance. There are several other applications, softwares, and programs that teachers and students can use to improve the quality of their online classes.

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