Why Teacher’s Development Will be More Important in 2020

by Ella Wilson
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Professional development is not a new concept in the corporate world. It is the key secret behind successful businesses and entrepreneurs. It has not been a long time since professional development has entered the educational scene. A lot of big names in the educational sector adopted professional development and made it necessary for the teachers. Eventually, professional development also became an important and valuable part of teacher training.

Teachers’ professional development covers all the aspects that fall into the JD of teachers. From teaching techniques, models, student support, to personal development and mental health of teachers, it covers all. The effectiveness of PD (professional development) eventually made it a permanent part of the educational sector. The usefulness of PD proved its importance and effectiveness, but it always remained something that stayed on the sidelines. Although, experts have something to say when it comes to the future of professional development among teachers.

Experts believe that professional development in teachers is going to play an even more important role in the coming years for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why teachers should take professional development to make their position strong in 2020.


Technology in education has been around for quite a few years, but it hasn’t been able to make a permanent spot for itself. One of the many reasons is the resistance of teachers towards accepting technology in education as a norm. Although, according to varying stats it can be predicted that things won’t be the same in coming years.

Educationalists and experts believe that in coming years technology will be the talk of the town in almost every field. The field of education will also be blessed with the advancement of technology. It is a fact that majority of the teacher make up belongs to the traditional side. These teachers are not as comfortable with technology as their students would like them to be. Under such conditions, these teachers may remain behind when it comes to Ed-Tech.

For this reason, it is extremely important for teachers to take up professional development courses and sessions. These sessions would help traditional teachers remain in touch with technological development and become more fluent in the language of Ed-Tech. Educational sectors and organizations in the coming years will be preferring teachers who are comfortable in the proximity of mobile phones and other technological devices. Therefore professional development is extremely important to strengthen your JD to suit the needs of modern schools, colleges, universities.


The fresh shift in student structure is one of the reasons why teachers need some catching up to do. Students of the current age are extremely tech-forward and fast. They grew up around technology and digital devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. In recent years, there is a huge generational divide between teachers and students. The impact of this generational divide is non-negligible. Teachers are struggling to understand student nature and preferences, as they grew up in a whole different environment.

Professional development helps teachers understand their students in a better way. By taking up professional development programs teachers can understand the mindset of students and know the impact of technology and digitization on student nature. A teacher who is trained to understand students know how to bridge divides whether it’s generational or educational. Teachers’ professional development is useful in any era or time, as it bridges different discords between teachers and students, boosting overall interaction and engagement.


The main purpose of professional development of teacher lies in the name itself. PD ensures that development of teachers is not halted due to any reason and helps them progress in the modern world. Technology has transformed the educational system to a great extent, but due to globalization, this transformation is not restricted to a particular country.

Educational trends and development now spread faster than before due to the increasing use of social media in the educational sector. Teachers in all the country whether developing or developed need to stay updated to new educational trends so that students can benefit from the best. For this purpose, professional development of teachers plays a key role.

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