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Training and Development

IAO has and unique Leadership and Training Development program with considerable benefits, specialty trainings, prospects for global career advancements

If you are exceptionally motivated and have a track record of excellence, IAO will give you the opportunity to excel, while making sure that your work with us is rewarding. IAO believes in keeping the employees up-to-date with trainings and learning programs.

IAO has a knowledge sharing portal where all the employees can share education related developments and have discussions no matter which part of the world they are in. This has helped in further improvements in the educational standards, in far flung areas.

  • Factor of Trust & CredibilityIAO provides its employees, ample trust to keep them confident in understanding and discussing new ideas and expressing their lackings while expressing their interest in training programs.
  • Learning Opportunities Considering the mission, employees can refer any opportunities and if approved by the training department, the employee will be provided with the necessary funds to receive the training.
  • Creating Leaders Growing is an essential part of any job. IAO makes sure that the employees continue to polish their skills and get to the leadership levels. IAO has leaders in every region who deal with a team of employees in their respective department.

  • Performance Recognition In order to keep the employees motivated, IAO has a comprehensive performance recognition program under which outstanding employees at every level are being recognized and compensated
  • Global Career Advancement IAO develops its employees and provide them with opportunities to work in the global chapters of IAO. This can provide them with oportunities of getting employed in other countries besides their home town.

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Business Development Officer

Enthusiastic and energetic individuals, willing to work at a renowned quality assurance agency and making their mark in the international market.

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Evaluation Commission Member

IAO's success lies essentially in its professional and experienced Evaluation Commission Members, who are responsible for representing IAO among our clients.

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