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Our Cultural Diversity

IAO is committed to taking on the world's education to the next level. In order to fulfill our promises, we rely on a culture diversity to drive continuous improvement to our accredited educational institutions.

IAO's employee networks are making remarkable contributions to the mission and vision of the agency. These successful efforts are being felt at the local, national and international levels.

The success of diversity at IAO is a proof of phenomenal leadership and the excellent blend of experience and skills of every individual. By inviting individuals from different countries and demographics, IAO tends to blend ideas together and create a stronger agency which is able to polish any educational institution in any part of the world.

  • Mutual Respect At IAO, we tend to provide our employees with an environment that fosters mutual respect at every level.
  • Business Reputation The cultural diversity among the employees of IAO have helped in building it's reputation at a global scale and providing greater, better job opportunities for the employees.
  • Increased Exposure Like any diverse workplace, working with IAO brings the opportunity to work with people from different parts of the world, enriching your work experience increasing your skills of dealing with culturally diverse people

  • Job Promotion IAO Believes in equal opportunity for all regardless of their cultural diversification. Therefore job promotions follow the same regime and are on merit.
  • Conflict Resolution With a noble cause of improving educational standards all over the world, IAO ensures best possible strategies and policies for conflict resolution.

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Business Development Officer

Enthusiastic and energetic individuals, willing to work at a renowned quality assurance agency and making their mark in the international market.

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Evaluation Commission Member

IAO's success lies essentially in its professional and experienced Evaluation Commission Members, who are responsible for representing IAO among our clients.

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