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IAO's Accreditation for Education Providers

Over a thousand universities, vocational institutes, career colleges and schools in over 180 countries are currently benefitting from IAO's accreditation.

IAO's education accreditation is a sign of quality, trust and credibility for both the institution and the stakeholders. Students prefer IAO's accreditation because it gives them the label of reliability and helps them retain credentials that are accepted worldwide whereas, education providers prefer IAO's quality education accreditation because they are confident that once they are accredited by IAO, their education standards will be at par with global standards.

IAO is an international organization that provides quality education accreditation to improve quality assurance standards all around the world. Their standards are similar to Distance Education Bureau and Distance Education Council. IAO education accreditation is not only designed for traditional learning but also covers online and distance learning too.

Quality education accreditation is provided to universities, institutes and schools for better academic pursuits. Education accreditation offered by the IAO gives a competitive edge to every educational institute, university or school both regionally and internationally.

  • IAO's Accreditation for Universities

    If you are a traditional, distance learning or an online university, IAO's international accreditation for universities is specially designed for you.

  • IAO's Accreditation for Institutes

    If you are a vocational, traditional, professional training institution or a distance learning Career College, you can take advantage of IAO's international accreditation.

  • IAO's Accreditation for Schools

    Are you a K-12 School offering a top-quality education and aim to facilitate students in their academic pursuits? If yes, then you can benefit from IAO's International Accreditation for Schools.

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