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About IAO Membership

In today’s competitive world, students seek high quality education to prosper in their academic and professional careers. IAO is a membership body for education industry which includes institutions, colleges, schools as well as corporate and non-profit sectors too.
Being an educational member with IAO, you become a part of the well-known network of education providers. Whether your school plans to seek collaborative relationships or want to pursue their academic standards, IAO membership can be an important element for the success of your school.

IAO membership connects you r school with the people, knowledge and trends that are shaping up the future of education. Therefore, institutions who are willing to grow and want to offer students with strong academic credentials in today’s robust community of learning, IAO Membership is the answer. IAO also stands out as a significant resource for teachers, students, administrators who want to enhance the learning experience.

What Will You Get Upon Membership?

  • IAO Membership

    The certificate will be your proof of attaining IAO’s membership. You can promote IAO’s membership using this certificate on different promotional forums.

  • IAO Membership

    Once your institute becomes a member, you will receive IAO membership seal which you can use on your website, official documents and other marketing collaterals.

  • Promotion of
    Your Membership

    IAO will promote your membership based on your membership package on various mediums to enhance your institute’s recognition globally.

Benefits of IAO Membership

  • International Promotion & Access to IAO’s Publications

    Being IAO member, you can promote yourself at IAO's educational events and seminars by participating in them. IAO will also send its publications from time to time to your institute to keep you posted on educational practices you can adopt to enhance your educational standards.

  • Professional Development Opportunity

    IAO Membership also serves for a professional development opportunity of your staff members by participating in IAO’s conferences and seminars. It will also encourage exchange of information, technology and resources on good educational practices on an international level.

  • Global Credential Recognition

    After getting membership by IAO, your credentials will be recognized globally.

  • Recruitment & Career Tools

    IAO Membership open doors to many job opportunities for you globally. Being an IAO members allows you to have free lifetime cover letter and resume writing services for better job opportunities. Your resume will have an edge over others and will prove to be a ticket to your dream jobs.

What Will You Get Upon Membership?


    IAO Gold Membership gives you an added advantage over the others. Maximizing your chances to be promoted worldwide and added in our gold members list is one of the very few benefits you will be enjoying as a GOLD Member!

    • • 5 dedicated mailings to IAO mailing list
    • • 4 newsletter articles per year in our periodic publications
    • • 6 blogs on our official blog
    • • 2 free half page ads in in our periodic publications
    • • 20% off on all of our products and services
    • • IAO Member Certificate
    • • Listing on IAO Website
    • • 7 Faculty Certifications & 7 Student certifications
    • • 4 Free Student Course Equivalency Certificates
    • • Five co-presented webinars with renowned sponsors

    IAO Silver Membership offers multiple opportunities to individuals and organizations. Regardless of its limitations as compared to Gold Membership, it allows open forums where education providers from across the globe share knowledge & resources for international standardization.

    • • IAO Member certificate
    • • Listing on website
    • • 5 Faculty Certifications & 5 Student Certifications
    • • 2 Free Student Course Equivalency Certificates
    • • 3 co-presented webinars with renowned sponsors
    • • 2 dedicated mailings to IAO mailing list

    IAO Bronze Membership stands to be lowest level of membership. However, it still stands out to be the best for small scale or startups, giving you an added advantage over the others. Maximizing your chances to be promoted worldwide!

    • • IAO Member certificate
    • • Listing on IAO website
    • • 2 Faculty Certifications & 2 Student Certifications
    • • 1 Free Student Course Equivalency Certificates
    • • 1 dedicated mail to IAO mailing list

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