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International Accreditation - An Overview

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Eva Roberts

The webinar was just out of the world; it portrayed your services in a strong and effective way. Frankly, it couldn’t have been better!
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David Smith

I just had a chance to see your interactive webinar and I couldn’t help but say Wow, what a presentation!
Like.  Reply.   4.5 minutes ago

Umer Sulaiman

The webinar your expert developers produced was simply terrific. It portrayed your products and services in a powerful way.
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  • Robertson Hendrix Masters in Educational Development, Germany

    Hendrix is a graduate of Princeton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. He also holds an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business and a DBA which was conferred by the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. In 2003, he established a private Institute for Education Management, implementing worldwide tailored curriculum development solutions.

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