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Preliminary Accreditation Evaluation for Leading Institutes Worldwide by IAO

IAO has conducted preliminary accreditation evaluations of a selected number of Institutes in each country and region. These evaluations have been conducted to review the Institute's eligibility for IAO's candidacy. The eligible institutes can easily proceed towards gaining IAO's Full Accreditation and complete the process in as less as 30 days.IAO's accreditation will enhance your Institute’s profile both regionally and internationally.

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The fundamental purposes of Accreditation are quality assurance and quality improvement in education. Accreditation reflects three core values of education, all essential to academic quality: institutional autonomy, academic freedom and peer & professional review. Accreditation is a creation of schools through a process of self-regulation. Accreditation is not a government entity by design and mostly depends on external funding from colleges, universities, and schools. Accreditation is a process that assures the educational society and the universal public that an institution or a program has clearly defined and appropriate objectives and maintains conditions under which their achievement can rationally be anticipated. It encourages development through constant self-study and review. It fosters quality in education through the development of principles and guidelines for assessing educational effectiveness.

At IAO, each accredited institution is fully assessed on the IAO’s unique patented profiling system, which classes the applicant institution against the IAO’s bench-marked standards in global education best practices.

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Find your Institute's eligibility for candidacy by browsing through the regional listings given below:


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