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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Aditya Institute Of Pg Studies

Aditya Institute Of Pg


About Aditya Institute Of Pg  Studies

Aditya is the leading brand name at giving out the best academic services especially, in the field of technical education. There are eight degree colleges and eight junior colleges working under the umbrella of the Aditya. Over the years, all these colleges, has built up an outstanding reputation for their academics services. These institutions are the very first choice of the students who are dreaming of pursuing their education further. Aditya is offering different programs and degrees to the students in various fields. Additionally there are hundreds of many staff members working in these colleges of Aditya and they are catering to the needs of thousands of students. Aditya has an excellent record of job placement of the students. The students of Aditya are equipped with the latest business techniques and industry based knowledge so they can have excellent job opportunities in the future. Aditya institute of PG studies offers MCA and MBA for its students. Other than that many other facilities are provided as well to enhance the learning experience of the students. References Barlow, S. E. & Dietz, W. H. (1998) “Obesity evaluation and treatment: Expert committee recommendations.” Pediatrics vol. 102, retrieved from http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/102/3/e29.full on October 3rd 2012

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