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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

BLDE Engineering College

BLDE Engineering


About BLDE Engineering  College

BLDE Engineering College is one of the leading engineering colleges of India. The college came into being with the mission to educate the underprivileged individuals of the society. Gwalior BLDE Engineering College provides student loans to the needy and deserving students. Having a beautiful campus and the state of the art technology, the college commits to produce individuals enriched with knowledge and education in various fields of Engineering and Business Management. It offers eighteen different undergraduate and postgraduate courses to the students. It's topmost goal for the students is to gain competency in every walk of life. The college focuses upon the mental, technical, cognitive and academic skills of the students. This is done with the help of the top notch and well trained faculty of the college and the rigorous curriculum of the college. It also provides students with different activities and events, giving a chance to students to exhibit their talents. The college has a huge library filled with books to provide students with a source of information. BLDE Engineering College has a Research and Development department, ensuring continuous growth of the institute. The college runs a Guidance Department which counsels and guides the students about their issues , and to help them choose a better career path for themselves. The college has all of the athletic facilities for the students which includes basketball, soccer, and much more. It also has a well furnished separate boys and girls hostel for the students. The College also great cafeteria which provides its students with a relaxing and an informal environment. The college also focuses upon extracurricular and co-curricular activities. It aims to develop a sense of teamwork, unity and effective communication among the students. Waterhouse, Tessa and Andrew J Pollard. 2005. "Clinical trials: consent in children." Expert review of vaccines 4(1):

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