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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Kakaraparti Bhavanarayana College

Kakaraparti Bhavanarayana


About Kakaraparti Bhavanarayana  College

Kakarparthi Bhavanarayana College (KBN) was founded in the year 1965 spreading over the 10 acres land. KBN is the quality education (intermediate, undergraduate, post graduate, certificate courses) provider in the region for last four decades. College is well sponsored by the popular century-old community and is spread over the 10 acres land. The goal of the college is to empower the society by providing the quality education to all segments of the society with the special focus on the population lacking education feed. This is why the mission of the college is to produce knowledgeable, responsible, skilled, cultured, confident and competent citizens of India with a desire to develop its progress and development. The excellent M.phill and PhD faulty gives a sort of competitive advantage to the college over other institutes. Various facilities are integrated with the college including hostile facility, libraries, study centers, book bank facility, gym, health care facilities etc. College regularly holds different events and conferences such as National Mathematics day in the honor of “Srinivasa Ramjanujan”.

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