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Kala Ashram



About Kala  Ashram

Kala Ashram is one of the most influential and breathtaking places in the country. It has been serving the country incredibly well since its commencement. Kala Ashram has been in existence since last sixty years. This ashram was formed with an intention to keep the cultural and historical values alive. The administration of the Ashram ensured to cover all the heritage of the country so beautifully that it also inspires the youth of today. Kala Ashram was formed with an objective to practice and implement the principals of their country with all the pride. It is point where all the values and social economic culture of the country blends together in the shape of required teachings for the individuals. The teachings of the Kala Ashram are associated with the way of living followed by the common men of their country. Various events and seminars are organized in the ashram related to the values and traditions of the country. These events include different performances based on the various kinds of issues faced by people in life. These performances as a whole portray the essence of their cultures and living of common men. They intend to offer teachings to the young individuals so that they can pursue their lives ahead peacefully and successfully. Various prayers and religious activities are carried out by the organizers of the Ashram in order to endow the individuals with essential teachings and learning. Folk dances are highly encouraged by the staff members of the Kala Ashram which enables the individuals to explore and discover the new insights of their country effectively. Their events are fully covered by the media so that it the teachings can be easily made accessible for the people who are unable to visit the ashram regularly.

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