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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Kamineni Education Society

Kamineni Education


About Kamineni Education  Society

Kamineni Educational society (KES) is involved in dealing with abundant educational and healthcare societies. Their prime objective is to endow people with positivity in terms of education. Their copious educational institutes include Kamineni institute of medical science, dental science, college of nursing and institute of paramedical science. The management of the institution emphasizes on the fact that every individual should be bestowed with the blessing of education and literacy. To make it possible they kept their fees structure quite economical and affordable so that common man can be educated successfully. Their colleges and institutions possess all the essential facilities that are required for the academic learning of the students depending on their academic disciplines. Their teachings and working policies are based on global standards so that the students can be made eligible of dealing with global business environment. KES intends to educate the youth of the country efficiently in order to make them independent and self reliant in pursuing their lives peacefully.

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