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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics - Annanagar.

Maya Academy of Advanced

Cinematics - Annanagar.

About Maya Academy of Advanced  Cinematics - Annanagar.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics – Annanagar (MAAC) offers education related to the animation and 3D activities. The company has been serving the media industry with respect to various activities which include 3D & 2D Animation, VFX, Gaming, Web & Graphics Designing, and film making. Te academy offers a large variety of courses under the heads of career courses, advanced career courses, professional courses, skill enhancement courses and specialization courses. All these courses include the latest teachings regarding the field of animations and media. They inculcate essential skills with in the individuals based on international standards in order to make them globally competent. The academy possesses well trained and outstanding professional faculties who have a huge experience about the related courses. Their staff members are dedicated and passionate about educating their students in their best interests. The best feature of MAAC is that they highly encourage the work of their students at national and international level too. These encouragements motivate the individuals to participate more creatively with regard to their academics. Each of the courses are taught by the most learned and specialized faculties so that the students can learn massively through their expertise. Competitions at international level are organized where the students participate and enjoy exclusive appreciations. These participations help them in becoming prominent so that the reputable companies can hire the eligible candidates considering their skills and creativity. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics maintains an ingeniously designed infrastructure of their campus where every facility is made available for the students. World class and advanced equipments are placed with in the academy so that the students can learn through practical activities. These practical activities allow the students to learn more effectively and efficiently. MAAC strives to become one of the leading academies where the individuals can utilize and analyze their talents brilliantly.

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