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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Raghu Institute Of Technology

Raghu Institute

Of Technology

About Raghu Institute  Of Technology

Raghu Institute of Technology is a platform for the most technologically functioning and innovative minds that strive to bring change in the world of technology. Raghu Institute of technology believes on the power of quality human resource that is considered as an important asset. RIT assists its students to achieve goals by turning the dreams of it's students an effective action plan. This institute believes that the future of India in the world of technology is very bright because a passionate young talented generation is approaching this field. RIT will groom such bright minds and would help to discover hidden potential in their students. This potential will then be utilized in a systematic way. RIT stays focused on the weaknesses of its students and strive to transform these weaknesses into their strengths! RIT is waiting to take its students to the highest level of achievement so that they can stand in the row of winners proudly.

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