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Raja Foundation



About Raja  Foundation

Raja Foundation is a result of Mr. Raja Reddy's endless efforts and incredible thoughts. His intentions were always to help the poor and unprivileged people who are suffering since ages. This foundation was exclusively designed to endow the needy individuals with food and shelter in a superior manner. The most interesting characteristic of the founder is that he was so loving and affectionate with the children that instead of calling him from his name the children usually called him daddy. The founder intended to serve the disabled and diseased individuals in the best possible manner. He certainly realized that it was his core responsibility to take care of these people and they have their share in his wealth. The infrastructure of the campus is ingeniously designed resourced with copious facilities and amenities. A separate hostel for boys and girls is maintained along with a luxurious swimming pool for the kids. The administration of the foundation embraces diversity and takes care of every individual regardless of any discrimination. Even the HIV infected patients are also treated in their foundation with brilliance in their services. The management of the foundation makes sure that each individual is treated equally and humbly so that they can live here in a comfortable and peaceful environment. The Raja Foundation owns their own hospital where the patients are treated with immense affection and care. Their basic objective is to eradicate poverty and helplessness from the society. They have been contributing positively towards the society since their inception. Their specialized team of professionals and experts intend to create awareness and positivity in the country through their incredible services. Raja Foundation has always been amongst the leading fund raisers and donors for the needy people in order to provide them with a peaceful and secure living.

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