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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Shree Auro Education Zone

Shree Auro

Education Zone

About Shree Auro  Education Zone

Shree Auro Education Zone is one of the leading schooling systems of the nation. It takes a pride to provide different educational and training institutes in the county. The system has been recognized and accredited for several years. The school believes in "Excellence in Education" which is proved by the modern architecture and state of the art technology that the school has been using. The main aim of the school is not only to educate the children but to equip them with all the necessary skills and knowledge for their future. It's mission is to prepare it's students to make a positive difference in their local and global communities. The school aims to provide the society with hardworking, intellectual, and disciplined individuals. The accomplished and dedicated faculty of the school facilitates the students. The school consists of a highly qualified and trained faculty Shree Auro Education Zone aims to develop it's students into a valuable asset for the society. The challenging curriculum of the school helps the student to excel in every walk of life. Discipline is a significant part of the system. The school follows a strict code of conduct, making sure that the students respect each other with a sense of unity. Shree Auro Education Zone provides many extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The school has a huge library filled with books to provide students with a source of information. The mission of the Shree Auro Education Zone is to educate the child in a way that makes him/her outstanding, responsible, and hardworking and an intellectual being. It focuses upon making the future leaders of the society by developing and polishing the skills of the students. Waterhouse, Tessa and Andrew J Pollard. 2005. "Clinical trials: consent in children." Expert review of vaccines 4(1):1. Weber, Felix. 1996. "The Challenge of Changing Healthcare Systems." Drugs 52(2):68-77.

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